Which iPod have I got?

Since Apple launched their original iPod back in October 2001, the range has grown and evolved. Although iPod’s look fairly similar, each one is individual, and has its own range of accessories. Here you can determine which iPod you have, and find out what accessories are available for it.

What does the “G” mean?
When Apple launched the early iPod’s, they weren’t given names like they are today. The original iPod was replaced by a newer model also called iPod. As the newer model had several advanced features over its predecessor, it was dubbed the new generation of iPod, this over time change to 2nd Generation, which in turn got shortened to 2G.

The number preceding the “G” just determines where that particular model sits in the range of iPods. Even now with the Nano iPod, we are seeing 2nd and 3rd Generation models. The original style of iPod is now called the iPod Classic, and no doubt as time goes on, more generations will follow. The only exception to this is the iPhone 3G, where the 3G refers to the technology within the phone, and not the generation of iPhone.

So which iPod have I got?
The list below shows the dates that the different generations of iPod were released, along with the available storage capacity.

iPod Shuffle 3G AccessoriesiPod Shuffle 3G
Available from March 2009 and available only in 4GB models holding upto 1000 songs. The iPod Shuffle 3G is even smaller than the second generation model, and has no buttons to press to control your music. Instead the iPod Shuffle 3G has a new remote headset that controls volume and play back and a new voice menu system that talks you through your menu’s

iPod Nano 4G AccessoriesiPod Nano 4G
Available from September 2008 and available in 8GB and 16GB models. The iPod Nano returns to its earlier, slimmer design, but with a 2" widescreen display. Slimmer than previous versions, the iPod Nano 4G has an inbuilt motion sensor which allows you to change track just by shaking it. The iPod Nano 4G is available in 9 new vibrant colours.

iPod Touch 2G AccessoriesiPod Touch 2G
Available from September 2008 and available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models. The the black beveled edges and back cover on the original iPod Touch gets replaced with stainless steel. Physical volume keys and a speaker are introduced into the slimmer design. Support for Nike+ is added with software version 2.1, along with "Genius" playlists.

iPhone 3G AccessoriesiPhone 3G
Available from July 2008 and available in 8GB and 16GB models. The iPhone 3G is essentially the same as the original iPhone, but with improved battery life and 3G connectivity. Some minor cosmetic changes and the introduction of a white 16GB model. iPhone 3G shipped with software version 2.0 which added the App store and support for Microsoft Exchange.

iPhone AccessoriesiPhone
Available from November 2007 and available in 8GB and 16GB models. The iPhone is a revolutionary Phone, iPod and Internet Device. The iPhone combines all the features of the iPod Touch with a mobile phone.

iPod Classic AccessoriesiPod Classic
Available from September 2007 and available in 80GB and 160GB models. Re-named the iPod Classic, the iPod Video sees an increase in capacity. In September 2008 The iPod Classic 80GB sees an increase in capacity to 120GB and the 160GB model is discontinued. The iPod Classic continues in Silver and Black

iPod Nano 3G AccessoriesiPod Nano 3G
Available from September 2007 and available in 4GB and 8GB models. The iPod Nano now lets you enjoy TV shows, music videos, video podcasts and more.

iPod Touch AccessoriesiPod Touch
Available from September 2007 and available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models. iPod moves to a whole new level with the introduction of the iPod Touch. The click wheel is replaced with a wide screen, touch sensitive display. Wi-Fi is introduced to the iPod range to give internet and email access.

iPod Shuffle 2G AccessoriesiPod Shuffle 2G
Available from September 2006 and available in 512MB, 1GB & 2GB models. The second-generation Shuffle comes in only one capacity in a clip-on case that’s roughly half the size of its predecessor. In September 2008 the iPod Shuffle recieves a minor make over, with the introduction of 5 new colours.

iPod Nano 2G AccessoriesiPod Nano 2G
Available from September 2006 and available in 2GB, 4GB & 8GB models. The second-generation Nano come in a variety of scratch-resistant colours.

iPod Video AccessoriesiPod Video 5G
Available from October 2005 and available in 30GB & 60GB models. The fifth-generation iPod Video plays video on a 2.5-inch, 320-by-240, 260,000 colour TFT display.

iPod Nano AccessoriesiPod Nano 1G
Available from September 2005 and available in 1GB, 2GB & 4GB models. Available in glossy black or white, the Nano features a colour display and a Click Wheel.

iPod Color AccessoriesiPod Colour
Available from June 2005 and available in 20GB & 60GB models. The iPod and iPod photo lines are merged into the iPod Colour, ending the availability of monochrome-screen music players.

iPod Mini AccessoriesiPod Mini 2G
Available from February 2005 and available in 4GB, 6GB models. The iPod Mini gets an increase in storage to 4GB and 6GB.

iPod Shuffle AccessoriesiPod Shuffle
Available from January 2005. Apple gets into the flash-based music player business, introducing the iPod Shuffle. About the size of a stick of gum, the shuffle comes in 512MB and 1GB capacities.

iPod Photo AccessoriesiPod Photo
Available from October 2004 and available in 20GB, 40GB or 60GB models. The iPod Photo plays music as well as displays photos on a 220-by-176-pixel resolution screen.

iPod 4G AccessoriesiPod 4G
Available from July 2004 and available in 20GB & 40GB models. A fourth generation iPod incorporating the Click Wheel interface that was introduced six months earlier with the iPod mini.

iPod Mini Accessories
iPod Mini 1G
Available from: January 2004. Half-an-inch thin and about the size of a business card, the iPod Mini comes in gold, blue, pink, and green anodised aluminium with 4GB of storage.

iPod 2G Accessories iPod 3G Available from April 2003 and available in 10GB, 15GB, 20GB, 40GB models. The third generation iPod interface adds a solid-state scroll wheel with four buttons rewind, menu, play/pause, and fast-forward on top. Replacing the FireWire port is a thin connector that let the device hook up to a Mac or PC with either FireWire or USB 2.0.

iPod 2G
Available from July 2002 and available in either 10GB or 20GB models. Instead of a scroll wheel, the second generation iPod featured a touch wheel and a door for protecting the iPod’s FireWire port.

iPod 1G
Available from October 2001. The first generation iPod was a simple 5GB hard-drive-based music player.

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