Solar Powered Case for iPhone 3G

Please note that this product has now been discontinued and replaced with the iPhone Solar Power Sleeve. We’ve also got a great range of cases for the iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS:

I’m sure most iPhone 3G users will agree that the battery life on the iPhone 3G is pretty poor at best. I can just about manage a whole days usage if I turn off 3G, which defeats the whole purpose of having the phone.

To combat this power problem, we have just released a range of Solar Powered cases for the new iPhone 3G. As well as protecting your iPhone 3G from everyday knocks and scrapes these energy saving cases can charge your iPhone. Each case has its own in built 1500 mAh battery, can provide one full charge for your iPhone and will recharge itself through the solar panel mounted to the front of the case, or via Mini USB if you’re in a badly lit area.

The iPhone 3G Solar Cases are available in Black and White and are due into stock mid August 2008.