Simple and to the point – Silicone Cases for the Samsung S9 Plus and S9 Video Review

For a case that feels great in-hand, looks good on your device and doesn’t compromise the S9’s sleek styling the Galaxy S9 Plus Silicone Case is right up there with the best Samsung S9 Plus cases. The Silicone’s texture while smooth to touch, actually aids grip when in hand thanks to the friction this texture creates […]

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Showcasing The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus LED Flip Wallet Cover – Video Review

Official Samsung Galaxy S9 LED Flip Wallet Cover

The Galaxy S9 Plus LED Flip Wallet Cover has become one of Samsung’s standout official cases in recent years, thanks to its sharp design, great device protection and of course the incredibly cool built-in sleek, retro notification system. The LED Cover comes in three distinct colours for both new Samsung devices that when applied look […]

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