Official Samsung S23 FE Accessories Leaked

We are excited to release some exclusive sneak peeks ahead of the highly anticipated announcements tomorrow, for the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, Tab S9 FE, Tab S9 FE+, Tab A9 and SmartTags2. We have a list of the new cases, S-Pens and more accessories coming for these new devices.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

One of the most popular phones of the last few years was always the Samsung Fan Edition phones, however with Samsung missing last year we were left with a bit of a void. Thankfully this year Samsung have gone ahead and will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE on October 4th 2023.

With all the leaks we already know the phone is going to have incredibly thin bezels, a 120Hz 6.4 inch AMOLED display and triple cameras with one of them being a 50MP one.

Thankfully Samsung have also made some Official accessories for this device with a Silicone case, Clear case, Screen Protector, Gadget case, and my personal favourite, the Smart View Wallet case.

Official Samsung Smart View Black Wallet Case – For Samsung Galaxy S23 FE


Another product that we are really looking forward to is the second-generation SmartTag2, this is going to be a redesigned product, and unlike the last generation, Samsung will make cases for them.

Now although the product will have a large hole to put your keys on Samsung probably wants to give you some protection and also a choice of colour as they will only be releasing Black and White from what we know.

See below for the full list of leaked information for these devices:

DeviceProductColourEAN CodeModel Code
S23 FESilicone CaseGraphite8806095227887EF-PS711TBEGWW
S23 FESilicone CaseMint8806095227870EF-PS711TMEGWW
S23 FESilicone CaseApricot8806095227863EF-PS711TOEGWW
S23 FESilicone CaseWhite8806095227856EF-PS711TWEGWW
S23 FEClear CaseTransparent8806095225968EF-QS711CTEGWW
S23 FEScreen ProtectorTransparent8806095225951EF-US711CTEGWW
S23 FEClear GadgetTransparent8806095225524EF-XS711CTEGWW
S23 FESmart View Wallet CaseBlack8806095225975EF-ZS711CBEGWW
S23 FESmart View Wallet CaseMint8806095244495EF-ZS711CMEGWW
S23 FESmart View Wallet CaseWhite8806095244471EF-ZS711CWEGWW
SmartTag2Silicone CaseBlack8806095291765EF-PT560CBEGWW
SmartTag2Silicone CaseBlue8806095291758EF-PT560CLEGWW
SmartTag2Silicone CaseMint8806095291802EF-PT560CMEGWW
SmartTag2Silicone CaseLavender8806095291741EF-PT560CVEGWW
SmartTag2Silicone CaseWhite8806095291734EF-PT560CWEGWW
SmartTag2Rugged CaseBlack8806095291796EF-RT560TBEGWW
SmartTag2Rugged CaseGreen8806095291789EF-RT560TGEGWW
SmartTag2Rugged CaseGray8806095291772EF-RT560TJEGWW
Tab A9Book CoverBlack8806095300511EF-BX110TBEGWW
Tab A9Book CoverBlue8806095300498EF-BX110TLEGWW
Tab A9Book CoverWhite8806095300504EF-BX110TWEGWW
Tab A9+Book CoverBlack8806095300481EF-BX210TBEGWW
Tab A9+Book CoverBlack8806095300474EF-BX210TLEGWW
Tab A9+Book CoverBlack8806095300528EF-BX210TWEGWW
Tab A9+Book Cover Keyboard SlimBlack8806095336053EF-DX210UBEGWW
Tab S9 FEOutdoor CoverBlack8806095196503EF-RX510CBEGWW
Tab S9 FE/+S PenMint8806095211237EJ-PX510BGEGEU
Tab S9 FE/+S PenGray8806095211220EJ-PX510BJEGEU
Tab S9 FE/+S PenLavender8806095211312EJ-PX510BPEGEU
Tab S9 FE/+S PenBeige8806095211190EJ-PX510BUEGEU
Tab S9 FE+Outdoor CoverBlack8806095196510EF-RX610CBEGWW