Best trackers for your belongings 2022

If you are looking to track your belongings then we have some incredible options available for all different types of phones.

Now the trackers that we have here today update their location with Bluetooth low energy with people with either the compatible phone or app. This means that if they aren’t next to a compatible device the location won’t be updated – however, this makes them cheaper and they have no monthly plan.

Official Apple AirTag Bluetooth Tracking Device

The first on this list is for everyone that uses an iPhone, the Apple AirTag. This little device can easily be placed in or attached to any belonging. For example I used mine in a suitcase recently and it meant that if it went missing I should be able to see the last location of it.

They are also really handy when you put them in your handbags as you can set them to notify you if they go out of range. Handy if you’ve walked off and left your bag behind.

As they connect and update their location with any iPhone it means that the location can be updated pretty regularly.

Official Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker

Next up we have Samsung’s version, the SmartTag. This is a little bit bigger than Apple’s AirTag however it does actually connect to your keys or any keyring thanks to having a hole in it. This means you can actually save a good amount of money not having to buy extra accessories.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker Device – Four Pack

Next up we have what was probably the original little tracker, the Tile Mate. Now these work off tiles network, meaning that as long as people nearby have the app installed the location will be updated.

Just like Samsung’s SmartTag these can easily attach to your keys as they have a hole in them, but the main benefit is the cost as you get a 4 pack of these which is almost the same as just one of the other trackers, and if you have more things tracked it means you’ll have more chance of keeping hold of your belongings.

Chipolo CARD Spot Bluetooth Wallet Tracker – Black

Last up we have a more specialised tracker, one designed to just track your wallet. Now as it is so thin you do actually sacrifice a removable and changeable battery however this is worth it.

There is nothing worse than misplacing your wallet however losing it altogether would be awful, that’s why I’m glad this version works off the same Apple FindMy network as the AirTag. That means you’re more likely to find it.

Mark Holmes

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