Samsung Galaxy S22 Official Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series as per rumours maybe launched on the 9th February at the Samsung Unpacked event! We have a range of some of the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 official cases and are excited to share them with you! With 6.06 to 6.8inch Amoled displays and glass backs, you’re definitely going to want to protect your Samsung Galaxy S22 with a case.

A Samsung Galaxy S22 official case, is certainly the best quality case you can get as it is solely designed for each Samsung Galaxy S22 model. Continue reading to get an insight into the looks and features of the latest official Samsung Galaxy S22 cases.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Official Cases


Official Samsung Smart clear view cover- white case for Galaxy S22 Ultra 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Official cases


First of all, we have this pure white Official Samsung Smart clear view cover case for Galaxy S22 Ultra which is the ideal case for your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. This Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra official case provides extra protection for your phone, as well as allowing you to view your notifications.

What can be more ideal than to be able to view notifications from your phones cover? Be able to view your battery percentage, time, incoming calls and notifications with this smart clear view official case. With this official samsung Galaxy S22 case, you’ll get full protection for your phone without the additional bulk added to your phone.

Worried about not being able to charge your phone wirelessly with this case? No need to, as this samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra case is Qi wireless charging compatible!


Official Samsung Leather cover green case for Galaxy S22 Plus

Official Samsung Galaxy S22 cases

Next we have the Official Samsung S22 Plus leather green case which looks stunning and is a high quality official Samsung Galaxy S22 case. With this official Samsung Galaxy S22 case, you’ll be able to keep your phone looking stylish at the same time as keeping it well protected.

Made with high quality material, this case is easy to slip on and keep your phone protected without adding any extra bulk onto your phone. It is also Qi wireless charging compatible, so you wont need to remove your case in order for your phone to charge.

Samsung Galaxy S22 official cases

You can also get this Official Samsung Galaxy S22 leather case in black, so you’re definitely not out of choice! This case allows you to easily access all ports and connectors perfectly as it is designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy S22 phones.

If you want to scroll through our range of Samsung Galaxy S22 casesSamsung Galaxy S22 Plus casesSamsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases, checkout the Mobile Fun store!