Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Is It Worth Buying?

After using the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for a month I am most definitely impressed with Samsung’s latest mobile release. The Ultra is one of the most pricey Samsung smartphones that you are able to buy right now. So if you are thinking of buying this phone you may want to know the ins and outs of the device before doing so. 

Within the box of the Note 20 Ultra you will receive: a sim card pin; a quick start guide; the super fast charger head; the USB-C to USB-C cable and a pair of the AKG in-ear headphones that have been expertly tuned for you to hear everything from the crisp highs to the deep bass. 

The handset that I have is in the ‘mystic bronze’ colour. The device is also available to purchase in ‘mystic black’ and ‘mystic white’. What I like most about the ‘mystic bronze’ is it’s frosted back, which I prefer to the glossy exterior that the ‘mystic black’ and ‘mystic white’ have. As a result of the matte finish of this colour, it is less likely to show fingerprints, helping to keep the device clean when there isn’t a case attached. The edging features a shiny mystic bronze aluminium frame, which beautifully contrasts the matte finish on the back of the phone. 

When putting the Note 20 Ultra and the S20 Ultra side by side they are nearly identical in size, although there are a few differences in their visuals. The corners of the S20 are round whereas the Note 20’s corners are square. All the outer functions are located in pretty much the same areas on each of the devices so the placement of the lock and volume buttons feel familiar. The S20 supports a rather flat screen in comparison to the curved edged display of the Note 20 ultra. I personally prefer using a flat screen, but despite this, the curved edges look very aesthetically pleasing. 


This handset supports a 6.9 inch high definition screen and has been constructed using gorilla glass 7. This is the first phone in the world to have used this form of glass. As a result of this, the glass is less likely to scratch and is more durable than most smartphone displays. The display has a 120hz refresh response rate so fortunately there will be no lagging when playing games from your device.


The camera of this device has the potential of achieving 8K images and the particularly impressive front-facing camera is able to capture 4K images. There are three lenses on the rear of the device: a wide lens; a telephoto lens and an ultra wide lens. When taking pictures from afar you’ll be able to use 50x zoom in order to capture something at a distance, however, this does jeopardize the picture quality unfortunately. Within the camera settings, you are able to change it to function similarly to a DSLR camera. From here you’ll be able to adjust the ISO, white balance and much more. 


Another outstanding feature of the handset is its capability of being able to have multiple audio functions. You can attach an external mic to your phone to enhance the way you create content. On the side of the display you’ll be able to see the audio levels. This handset really does push smartphone videography and photography that bit further.

The lenses do protrude quite far from the phone. I have found this to be a slight downfall because when the phone is placed down it elevates from the surface quite a lot. This does mean that the camera lenses are more likely to become damaged as a result of the constant contact it endures.

The S pen is the most evolved pen yet – it goes far beyond just creating scribbles on your phone. When removing the pen from the device, you have the pen shortcuts available in the pen tab that is situated on the side of the display. Within the tab, you will be able to: change music by swiping the pen left or right; turn the phone’s volume up or down by pointing either up or down respectively; pause media by clicking the button on the pen and when your phone is locked you can double click the same button to open the phone’s camera to then take photos via the pen.

The device prides itself on its capabilities regarding mobile gaming. Samsung have collaborated with XBOX to enable you to play over 100 XBOX cloud games on your Note 20 Ultra, and to help you do so, Mongo have created the XP5-X+ Bluetooth gaming controller. This is available to you as a gaming bundle option when you purchase the device. The controller works exceptionally well with your phone to elevate your smartphone gaming experience.


The Ultra works seamlessly well across your window account, allowing you to work from both your smartphone and your laptop to ensure you meet your deadlines.

I have faced no issues with the battery since using this handset. It has lasted through the day and well into the night. 

Dex is available to this device, meaning you can transform your phone to work from your TV to match the functions of a desktop computer, whilst using your handset as a track pad to navigate you through the web. I think this feature is incredibly useful as it’s portable nature  means you can work and explore the web from almost anywhere.

Overall I find this device effortlessly intelligent and so easy to function. The features that are available on this handset are enticing and unmatched by most modern day smartphones.