Monga XP5-X+ Bluetooth Gaming Controller For Mobile & Cloud Gaming Review

XBOX has collaborated with Samsung to create the XP5 – X+ Bluetooth controller, to help elevate the way in which we play video games via our smartphones. The controller is offered to you as a bundle package for those who purchase a device from Samsung’s latest Note series range. The controller can be connected either through Bluetooth or USB, allowing you to then be able to play mobile or cloud games using a familiar game console controller. The XP5 – X+ shares a lot of similar qualities to the well-loved XBOX one handset.

In the box you’ll receive: the Moga XP5 – X plus controller; detachable phone clip; 2 meter micro – USB to standard USB cable; 30 cm micro – USB to type-C; standard USB to USB type C and of course the user manual. 

The controller itself is lightweight and feels comfortable when in use.

The device that I have attached is the Samsung Note 20 Ultra, which is a rather large device. I have faced no issues with attaching a device of this size and once placed in the clip it feels secure. 


Connecting your phone to the handset only takes a number of seconds. To turn on the controller hold down the XBOX button until the small LED is visible. Then use the switch in the center of the pad to indicate whether you wish to play via USB or Bluetooth. If you wish to connect the controller through USB insert the micro USB into the handset and then connect the opposite end of the cable into your device. The controller isn’t compatible with the XBOX console.

To connect your smartphone to the handset via Bluetooth, first open up your Bluetooth settings on your phone and select scan, secondly press the pairing button on the back of the controller for it to then appear available to connect to your phone. From here the controller works seamlessly with your device. 

The clip is able to extend to a fairly large size, meaning that most smartphones will be a complementary size to the connector. There is an extensive amount of range in the way in which you can view your phone’s screen when it is attached, however, you can only view your screen horizontally, which can be a little frustrating when navigating your way through your phone, when you are not in game play. 

When the phone is locked, your controller will go into power saving mode. Allowing you to keep that much needed battery for when playing. 

The handset is compatible with Android devices, allowing you to explore some of the best games that are available on the play store. I find that when playing games in this particular way it enhances the experience. 

When playing games you are able to open a tab that is located at the bottom right corner of your screen. In the tab you’ll be able to see the handset’s battery life, block certain functions of your phone that may interfere with your game play and you’ll also have access to many other handy features that makes gaming easier for you. 


There is a built in power bank within the handset to ensure you aren’t defeated by a dead battery when working your way through levels. To turn on the power bank all you need to do is switch on the button at the bottom of your controller and connect the USB to your phone. To see how much battery life the controller has left, press the small button at the bottom of the handset. The LED’s will then display how much battery is left on the controller before you need to charge it again. 





Where your phone comes into contact with the clip, there are small indentations with the aim of not interfering with your lock and volume buttons. Despite this design, I have found that the clip does still make contact with these buttons unfortunately. Therefore, I do have to position my phone slightly off center when playing games.  

Overall, I am most certainly impressed with the controller as it works seamlessly with Android smartphones. Despite the minor downfalls I have mentioned, I thoroughly enjoy the experience of this device and would recommend it to those who are looking to take their mobile gaming to the next level.