Ultimate Guide to Official Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases

Following on from the success of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung are back once more with a folding phone, this time around with the Galazy Z Flip due to be announced in February at the annual Unpacked event.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to this exciting new handset then you’ll likely be after a case that protects this exquisite folding phone without compromising on its sleek and highly functional design.

We at Mobile Fun are proud to offer the entire Official Samsung range of cases for the new Galaxy Z Flip, as such we’ve rounded up all of the available options, analysing them in detail to help aid your purchasing decision.

Official Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases

Genuine Leather Cover – Black

Made from high-grade genuine leather, this official cover in black provides the perfect way to protect your new Galaxy Z Flip, while Samsung’s unique folding design and multiple screens shine through. The leather finish really adds a touch of sophistication for a premium look and feel, without any unwanted bulk or weight making it ideal for everyday use.

Official Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Genuine Leather Cover – Black

  • Price – £99.99
  • EAN – 8806090267260
  • Part Number – EF-VF700LBEGEU

Genuine Leather Cover – White

Just like the previous option, the Genuine Leather cover in white looks and feels fantastic in-hand, thanks to the premium materials and construction. All screen remain accessible at all times, while the case guards the phone’s sleek body to provide you with added peace of mind when using such a delicate new device.

Official Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Genuine Leather Cover – White

  • Price – £99.99
  • EAN – 8806090267253
  • Part Number – EF-VF700LWEGEU

More for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Unfortunately Samsung will only be releasing two official case options for the Galaxy Z Flip, but there will be more choice from brands such as UAG, Olixar and more in the coming future, all of which can be seen below.

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