Best Budget Cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

With the Note 10 Plus taking the smartphone market by storm, there’s an abundance of phone cases available out there. However, we know some cases can cost a fortune while some of the cheaper options are often hard to trust on quality. So, ranking from ultra thin to protective, we have laid out some great options for covering your phone while still showing off the Note 10 Plus’s great features, while keeping costs low.



1. Ultra-Thin 100% Clear case from Olixar

If you have that Aura Glow back then you’ll want to consider this one. Fitting over the Note 10 Plus like a second skin, this case clings to the phone in all the right places while offering that ultra clear window into the light reflective glass back. 

One thing about this case is it’s super flexible rubbery design, it slips on super easy and absorbs scratches and scuffs to keep your phone looking pristine over the lifetime of your phone. The material also benefits overall functionality of the button covers as it remains responsive as if there wasn’t a case at all. 

This case is perfect for the phone user that doesn’t want a super bulky additional layer on their phone but seeks some level of protection. It won’t save your phone from those accidental drops that shatter the phone on impact, but it does offer a durable form of protection that shields your Note 10 Plus while aiding grip with its non slip design. 

What’s more, with the case sitting nicely around the edges of the screen, there’s no overlap that could potentially push up a screen protector, so you can wear a decent glass protector with peace of mind. 


2. Ringke Fusion X Protective Clear Case

This is by far one of our favourite low cost cases as it’s super high in quality, looks great on any phone and offers that clear window into the back of the phone, maintaining your phones design. 

Made of two parts, the TPU clear backing and the surrounding poly carbonate bumper, you can guarantee protection from everyday wear and tear. 

Our favourite part about this case is the striking space age bumper. Military drop tested to save your phone from impacts, this interesting design absorbs knocks to the corners and edges while offering a stronger grip with its integrated ridges. 

It slips on easy giving instant cover and all the buttons and ports are nicely covered in the same tough bumper as the corners while maintaining that perfect functionality with a satisfying click. 

The only downside to this case is the rainbow effect that can appear between the case and the back of the phone as it has no anti smudge tech imbued to avoid this problem. But apart from this, it’s great value case that looks brilliant. 


3. Eiger North Slimline Protective Case

This ergonomic option provides excellent slimline protection that save your phone from damage while giving it that overall classy style. 

It’s a solid case made up of two parts with a soft silicone interior and a tough external matt black shell. The back offers that additional grip with it’s beautifully designed textured pattern while helping reduce fingerprints and imperfections. 

For a lightweight protective case this one is great for the phone user that likes the minimalistic look but needs a solid form of protection. It does just that by maintaining the smooth nature of the phone while keeping your vulnerable buttons and ports covered. 

Of course, this case does more than keep your edges and back covered, it also gives the screen a relatively decent amount of protection with the raised bezel edging, lifting the delicate glass from any rough surfaces it comes into contact with while face down. 


4. Ringke Onyx Protective case

Working quite similar to the previous case, you have that sleek, modern textured design that fits comfortably around the Note 10 Plus’s shape without adding any bulky thickness. 

Made from a flexible rubbery material, it nicely absorbs any impacts to the corners and edges, keeping the phone as pristine as it was out of the box. 

As it’s another Ringke case, we have that integrated texture for additional grip and an overall modern styling we expect from this case company that perfectly compliments any phone’s shape and size. 

Between the nice wide openings for easy access to the ports and sPen on the base and the flexible button coverings on the side, you’ll hardly have any issue with functionality with this case. 

Of course, what makes this case completely protective is the integration of the raised bezel edge around the screen. Keeping the screen elevated from rough surfaces means that the screen stays clear of scratches and scuffs over time. So if you like the naked look of your Note 10 Plus but want to maintain the sleek, clean design this case has you covered. 


5. Zizo Transform Protective Case

This impact resistant case is the perfect all around protection for your phone. It’s great for the phone user that needs solid cover for their phone or is often prone to dropping it onto hard surfaces. 

What we love about this case is its striking science fiction design that’s as hard wearing as it looks. The light reflective, matt design gives it a nice finish and even though it does show up fingerprints the intricate design helps disguise any imperfections. 

The metallic coverings over the buttons remain as responsive as ever, leaving a nice wide cutout on the base to access the sPen and charging port with ease. 

One of the great features to this case is the little integrated kickstand on the back. It’s great for propping the phone up at an angle for watching videos or keeping an eye on notifications even though this only applied to landscape mode. 

Of course, the aim of this case is to protect your Note 10 Plus from impacts, scratches and scuffs to the screen and delicate glass back as opposed to maintaining the overall look and feel of the phone’s design. But for the price, it’s excellent quality with a beautiful design, intricate attention to detail and great responsiveness. 


So that’s it for our top budget cases for the Note 10 Plus. We’ll be leaving links in the titles above for all the cases showcased in today’s blog and if you enjoyed the video featured above, don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for more easy to follow how to videos and great smartphone and tech accessory reviews. Thanks for reading!