How to add wireless charging to the Samsung Galaxy A70

Sadly the Samsung Galaxy A70 doesn’t come with wireless charging built-in. But fear not A70 owners, as Samsung’s latest phone can be equipped with this modern charging technology quickly, easily and most importantly without expense.

1. Wireless charging adapters

Always the quickest and cheapest option, a trusty wireless charging adapter can convert your A70 into a wireless charging smartphone in seconds. We recommend the following Ultra-Thin Qi Wireless Charging Adapter due to its premium build quality and coil placement. Set-up is extremely simple, just plug the adapter into your Galaxy A70’s USB-C port, tuck around the back and you’re good to go! Working with the majority of cases too, this solution provides the best way of utilising wireless charging, without getting in the way of everyday use. What’s more, if you choose to upgrade to another phone without wireless charging at any point, then it’s likely the adapter will work with that phone too.

How to add wireless charging to the Galaxy A70

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2. Wireless charging cases

Popular handsets without wireless charging as standard, are often accompanied by official wireless charging compatible cases that transform the phone into a modern masterpiece. Unfortunately, it seems as though Samsung has forgotten about this gem of a phone, leaving it with very few official cases and at present no wireless charging options that feature the adapter built-in. We’ll keep our eyes out for any official or third-party cases that might facilitate this feature and update the article accordingly.

3. Wireless charging pads

With the adapter in hand, you’ll only need one more item in order to charge wirelessly. Coming in many shapes, sizes and orientations, you can be sure to find a wireless charger to suit you and your lifestyle from our extensive range.

Olixar Wireless Charger

One of our favourites is the Slim 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad from Olixar, thanks to it’s sleek modern styling and super fast charging speeds. We’re sure once you start charging wirelessly that you’ll absolutely love the convenience it brings. As such you may want to consider some other options, with Wireless Charging Car Holders and even Wireless Charging Power Banks.

Wrapping up

Thank you for reading our article on how to charge wirelessly with the Samsung Galaxy A70. We hope you found it helpful, please feel free to leave a comment or question below and we’ll get back to you.