Top 5 accessories for Nokia 3310 3G (2017)

The Nokia 3310 is a legend. The Nokia 3310 3G is that legend reborn, a more modern take on the first 3310 remake that debuted early in 2017 with full support for 3G networks. If you’ve picked up this budget phone with bags of character, check out some of our favourite cases and accessories!

5. SoundMAGIC E10 in-ear headphones

SoundMAGIC E10 In-Ear Headphones - Gunmetal

These brilliant headphones are a big upgrade over the dreadful in-ears you get in the box with the 3310. You can listen to music on the phone, or even the FM radio — try that on your iPhone!

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4. Promate carMate-6 FM transmitter

Promate carMate-6 Wireless FM Transmitter Hands-Free Car Kit

This FM transmitter makes it easy to connect your Nokia 3310 to your car’s stereo. Just connect to the transmitter via 3.5mm or Bluetooth, then tune into the frequency shown on your car’s FM radio. This is a great way to get your music playing on older cars that don’t come with Bluetooth or 3.5mm aux inputs.

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3. Olixar Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack

This simple 2-in-1 screen protector pack makes it easy to keep your Nokia 3310’s screen in good condition. Wipe your screen clean, then apply the tempered plastic screen protector with the items provided. Once installed, you’ll be protected from scratches and even minor dents to the screen. There aren’t many weaknesses in Nokia’s classic design, but this screen protector pack makes this phone even more bulletproof.

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2. Kingston 16GB Class 10 SD Card with Adapter

The Nokia 3310 3G comes with a Micro SD card slot, and it’s definitely recommended to pick up some extra storage if you like to keep a bunch of photos or songs on your phone. These Micro SD cards from Kingston are a good shout, offering reasonable performance and excellent value for money. The 16GB card should be suitable for most needs, but the 32GB and 64GB variants might be more useful in your next phone too.

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1. Olixar Ultra-Thin 100% Clear Case

Olixar Ultra-Thin Nokia 3310 3G (2017) Case - 100% Clear

This ultra-thin clear case for the Nokia 3310 3G makes it easy to keep your new phone blemish-free. Let’s face it, actually breaking a Nokia is pretty difficult, but it’s still nice to keep it in good nick. This case also adds grip, making it harder to drop the phone accidentally. All in all, it’s a fitting place to end our Nokia 3310 accessory roundup!

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Wrapping up

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