5 gift ideas for Apple Watch owners

Looking for gift ideas this holiday season? Here are five for Apple Watch owners. These accessories are good for the original Apple Watch, the Series 1 and the Series 2, so you’re covered no matter what. Let’s get right into it!

Nomad Pod Pro Apple Watch 2 / 1 Portable Charger With Lightning - Grey

5. Nomad Pod Pro Portable Charger

This stylish aluminium Apple Watch charger makes it possible to top up your Apple Watch wherever you are, even if you’re not near mains power. It feels pretty lame to run out of power midway through the day, so pick up this charger and you’ll never have that happen again. This power bank also has more than enough power to charge your smartphone too, making it doubly useful.

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Spigen Crystal Apple Watch 2 / 1 Screen Protector (42mm) - 3 Pack

4. Spigen Crystal Screen Protector

There are a few Apple Watch screen protectors on the market, but the most popular thus far seems to be Spigen’s Crystal screen protector. Add this film to your Watch’s screen, and it’ll be better protected against scratches and knocks. This comes in a 3 pack, so you can replace the screen protector as it becomes more worn over time.

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Chicago 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 / 1 Genuine Leather Strap - Brown

3. Chicago Genuine Leather Strap 42mm

This gorgeous genuine leather strap gives your Apple Watch a whole new look. If you like the classic look and feel of soft and luxurious leather, this is a great choice. Available in brown and black.

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Spigen S330 Apple Watch Series 2 / 1 Stand - Aluminium

2. Spigen S330 Aluminium Stand

This aluminium stand matches Apple’s enviable style, and offers a convenient elevated position to look at your Apple Watch while it’s charging. The stand includes a cutout for the charger to be placed underneath, or can be used without if you’d prefer to keep your charger elsewhere. It’s a sensible design that pays attention the details.

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Olixar X1 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

1. Olixar X1 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

One of the best abilities of the Apple Watch is that you can pair it directly with Bluetooth headphones. That’s great for running and other exercise, as it means you can leave your heavy iPhone at home. This Bluetooth headset hooks over your ear to stay in place easily, while convenient controls make it easy to adjust the volume, skip tracks and more. Check out the reviews!

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