How to install and remove your HTC 10 SIM card

Setting up your new phone can seem a daunting task when you’ve been used to something much older or from another phone manufacturer. In this blog post we aim to demonstrate in as much detail as possible, how to install and remove your SIM Card on the new HTC 10 smartphone.

How to install your SIM card

Inserting your SIM card into your new HTC 10 is a relatively straightforward process and can be achieved within a couple of minutes. First off you will need to locate the SIM pin ejector tool that can be found within the HTC 10’s box. If misplaced then fear not, as a simple household paperclip can do the exact same job. By inserting and firmly pressing the ejector tool into the whole located at the top right hand side of the phone’s side, you’ll instantly gain access to the SIM card tray. Once in hand you simply need to place your Nano SIM card into the holder and push the tray back into the slot upon which it came. Once the tray and SIM card are located within your phone, you will then be presented with the option to restart your phone in order for the HTC 10 to update a few settings and allow the inserted SIM card to function fully.

You can watch this process demonstrated below in the following video:


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