Google Nexus 5X Reviews Roundup


Release date: 22 October 2015

Summary: After a long wait the follow-up to the much loved Nexus 5 has finally arrived in town. The overall consensus is that the Google Nexus 5X will be a firm favourite with current Nexus 5 fans but may fail to win over those that are more design conscious. Star standouts include the fingerprint sensor, camera and the new Marshmallow operating system. Sticking points involve the plastic design and poor battery performance.


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Digital Trends

By Jeffrey Van Camp

“Like all decent sequels, it’s better than the original in almost every way – except in the two ways that matter most: price and battery life.” 

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8.3The Verge

By Dan Seifert

“One for the fans… there’s very little a Nexus 5 lover will find to complain about with the 5X”

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By John V

“Seriously, it’s one very accurate screen that won’t disappoint

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9Trusted Reviews

By Alastair Stevenson

“Google has just one-upped One Plus

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By Nicole Lee

“Google’s triumphant return to smaller, cheaper phones

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