BlackBerry Priv available for pre-order at Mobile Fun

PRIV_Dual_RightAngle400x500-4The BlackBerry Priv is coming soon to Mobile Fun, SIM free and unlocked. The long-awaited phone is BlackBerry’s first to run Android out of the box, and comes with some impressive features and specs too.

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Android at last

The Priv comes with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on board, with an upgrade to 6.0 Marshmallow planned. That means you’ll experience a more modern and useful mobile OS, but best of all it means that you can access the full range of Android apps from the Google Play Store.

If you hated the confined app store on BlackBerry, this’ll be a massive breath of fresh air. You’ll get new apps and games from the biggest names as soon as they’re announced, instead of making do with late ports or clumsy copies. The marriage of BlackBerry hardware to Android software could be the best thing to happen to BB for years.

And just because it’s running Android, it doesn’t mean that you give up the apps and services that made BlackBerry great. You’ll still get BlackBerry Messenger and a secure BlackBerry experience with the DTEK™ by BlackBerry warning system app.

originalTrue BlackBerry design

The BlackBerry Priv continues the company’s proud tradition of professional, good-looking phones. The Priv has a beautiful 5.4-inch display that curves to the left and right, with minimal bezels top and bottom. A full QWERTY hardware keyboard slides out beneath the screen, ensuring you always have the best tool at hand. On the back, you’ll see the familiar carbon fibre pattern of later BlackBerry phones, with an impressive 18-megapixel Shneider-Kreuznach camera and dual LED flash. This is a true BlackBerry phone, and we’re sure fans of physical keyboards will be super pleased with it!

Specs to lust at

Internally, the Priv is on the upper end of the smartphone market. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor, backed with 32GB of storage (expandable via Micro SD), 3GB of RAM and a mighty 3410mAh battery. The screen is impressive too, measuring 5.4 inches across the diagonal with a crisp 2560 by 1440 resolution. All in all, it should guarantee a butter-smooth Android experience, with plenty of horsepower to run the latest apps and games.

PRIV-Front_Closed400X500-1Coming soon

The Priv should be a great phone, both for long-time BlackBerry fans and oft-neglected fans of physical keyboards. We’re looking forward to the phone arriving around the end of November, although a concrete date has yet to be confirmed. For the latest price and availability data, or to pre-order the phone, please click the button below!

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