Top 5 Android Wear apps

The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are the first smartwatches to be released running the Android Wear OS, and already they’ve proven quite popular with enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll highlight five cool apps that you can run on the smartwatch itself.

5. Wear Calc – free

Wear Calc is just what it sounds like: a calculator for your wrist. It’s good to know that forty years after they first debuted, it’s still possible to get a tiny, hard-to-use calculator on your wrist! Only basic functions are supported, but it’s still a cool proof of concept that’ll amaze your friends if they’re sufficiently nerdy. Actually using the watch is a bit fiddly thanks to the tiny touch targets – how about voice controls in the next version?



4. Compass – free

This app is built into Android Wear, but you might not have known it was there if you hadn’t read this article. The compass app is simple but effective, showing you a compass (of course) that’ll let you know which way is north. Great for hiking and other situations where you’re off the beaten track.




3. Tinder – free

There are few Android apps that are simple enough to run on a watch, but Tinder is one of them. Swipe left, swipe right. Maybe you’ll start an interesting conversation with a cool guy or girl, maybe you’ll just look a bit crazy frantically swiping on your watch. The possibilities are endless!




2. Flopsy Droid – free

Of course… the very first game for Android Wear is a Flappy Bird clone. Called Flopsy Droid, the game is just as you remember it; avoid pipes by tapping on the screen. Beat your high score. Mine is three.




1. Binary Watch – free

Smartwatches are capable of a lot, but sometimes you just want to look at the time. This binary watch face makes that slightly more difficult, but does look quite cool. You can modify the watch face’s appearance in the phone app, changing the colour of the dots and so on. Remember you’ll need to go to Settings to change your watch face!



I’m sure we’ll see many more Android Wear apps in the near future, but for now these are the best of the best. I hope you found these app recommendations helpful! Be sure to let us know what you think and make your own recommendations in the comments below.

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