The best portable Bluetooth speaker you could buy: the Logitech UE Boom

Logitech UE Boom NFC Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Red    Logitech UE Boom NFC Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Red

What’s the perfect portable Bluetooth speaker? According The Verge in their recent This Is My Next article, the title belongs to the Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom. The UE Boom was lauded for its great 360° sound, long battery life and its beautiful water-resistant body. The UE Boom is coming soon to Mobile Fun, so let’s take a closer look.


The UE Boom is a tall cylinder, with speakers embedded around its periphery for 360° sound. That means you can stick the Boom in the centre of a room, and you’ll find everyone gets a nice earful. The UE Boom has a few buttons along one-side, and a pleasant texture that looks good in a range of colours. Black, blue, red and white are all available. The Boom is definitely one of the larger Bluetooth speakers on the market, but it still fits easily enough in a bag or just in your hand. You can take it quite easily to the beach or the boardroom, and it’s water-resistant so it’ll survive the rain.


One of the most important attributes for any Bluetooth speaker is sound quality, and the UE Boom seems well equipped. The Verge report “more bass response and more resonant mids than I’d expect from a speaker this size”, with a clear and powerful sound. It gets loud too, so you can throw a dance party in your living room or the parking lot.

Battery Life

The UE Boom’s larger frame gives it a longer than average battery life, at about sixteen hours of continuous playback. The Boom charges via the same microUSB cable that your phone probably uses, and is able to be almost fully recharged in a few hours.

An award-winning Bluetooth speaker

In a competition of 13 popular Bluetooth speakers, the UE Boom won out with its impressive sound, good battery life and beautiful design. The Boom is coming soon to Mobile Fun, so check out the product pages linked below for more information.