Tech21 Impact Shell and Impact Shield for Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is still a week from being announced, but the accessories keep flying onto our virtual shelves. Tech21 are the latest case manufacturers to announce that they’re working on products for the hotly anticipated phone. Today, we’re happy to announce three new accessories for the Galaxy S5 – the Tech21 Impact Shell in Smoke Black and Clear, and the Impact Shield with Self Heal.

The Impact Shell is a rather clever case, thanks to its use of the advanced D3O material. This material is soft and pliable in its default form, but instantly locks and hardens when it receives an impact. That makes it brilliant for dispersing the energy from knocks and drops without damaging your phone. It’s also a lot thinner than other cases that offer similar protection, thanks to the use of this material instead of more traditional natural or synthetic materials.

The Impact Shell here is available in two colours; Smoke Black and Clear. We haven’t yet received any pictures of the Galaxy S5 cases (for obvious reasons), but you can see the colour and general form factor of the Impact Shell in these shades in the pictures below.

Tech21 Impact Shell in Clear for the S3 Mini
(for illustrative purposes)

Tech21 Impact Shell in Smoke for the Z10
(for illustrative purposes)

In addition to the Tech21 cases, we’ll also have the first Galaxy S5 screen protector from the company, the Impact Shield. This advanced screen protector has an amazing ability to heal itself of minor aberrations, extending its useful life. The Impact Shield also includes better impact protection than other screen protectors, thanks to a three layer system designed to absorb shocks. The screen protector remains bubble-free, easy-to-apply and perfectly clear too.

For more information on these Tech21 Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories, just visit the product pages below. We’ll have additional photos here after the Galaxy S5 is announced.

Thanks for checking out the article, and have a good week.