2 Antennas for boosting 3G mobile broadband dongles

If you’re struggling with low signal strength on your 3G broadband dongle, we can help. We’ve got a range of antennas which can drastically boost your dongle’s reception, from small and portable units which provide better reception on the go, to more permanent fixtures which can provide even greater benefits. Let’s have a look.

Clip Antenna for 3G Data Cards – RMCP Connection

Our first antenna is the Clip Antenna. This is a small, light and highly portable antenna designed to be used on the move. Using the antenna should make it easier for your computer to communicate with distant cell towers, boosting data transfer speeds and helping to prevent signal drops.

The Clip Antenna can be attached to the top of your laptop using velcro, letting you always benefit from the increased signal strength. This is an omnidirectional antenna, so you can keep it in a convenient position without worrying about its facing.

The Clip Antenna is slim enough to be stored in the pencil pocket of a bag, or just kept attached to your laptop at all times. The cable is a reasonable length as well, to ensure that the Antenna can reach your RMCP card on the back or sides of your laptop easily.

If you’re looking for a way to get a noticeable increase to signal strength while you’re on the move, this is a great choice.

3G High Gain Directional Antenna – CRC9 Connection

Our next antenna takes a different approach, as it’s a directional antenna with higher gain and a number of mounting options. It’s the 3G High Gain Directional Antenna, and it works brilliantly.

The most important thing to know when you’ve got the 3G High Gain antenna is where your nearest cell mast is. Thankfully, it’s easy to figure out – just rotate the antenna 45 degrees at a time and measure the signal strength after 1 minute. This should allow you to find the perfect angle to point your antenna very rapidly.

Once you’ve found the right direction, it’s time to think about where you’re going to mount your antenna. There are a number of options here – probably the easiest is the desk mount, which just slots into the body of the antenna.

You can also mount the 3G High Gain on a wall or mast (if available). This means you won’t be able to travel with the antenna as easily, but typically allows you to access areas of higher signal strength. There is over a metre of cable included in the box, so you have plenty of choices in siting your router if you choose to make it a permanent fixture.

Once sited, you should enjoy considerably stronger signal strength and all of the benefits that brings, including faster data speeds, lower average pings and fewer connection losses.


I hope you find these recommendations useful! For additional choices, please check our USB Dongle Antennas section. We’ll be bringing additional antennas to market soon, including some options for the new 4G / LTE modems. Thanks for checking out the article and have a good one!