Seidio Obex waterproof, drop proof Galaxy S4 case

Hey, this is Will with Mobile Fun and today I’m going to be showing you something cool: a waterproof case for the Galaxy S4 called the Seidio Obex. This case is IP68 certified for water and dust and meets military standards for drop protection from six feet too, making it one of the most protective cases available for the S4.

Have a look at the full video below, or read on for text version.


So the first thing you’ll notice about this case is that installation is really easy. Unlike a lot of other super-protective cases on the market, the Obex is just two pieces, which are simple to clip together around your phone.

You just fit the phone into the front section first, press the back section into place, then snap the silicone plugs at the top and bottom.

Once everything is secured, the phone is protected against water, dust, snow and drops. That includes the screen too, which is covered with a 4H rated screen protector.

Water Demonstration

So the most fun way to demonstrate this case is to put it in water. The IP68 rating says that the case should survive a depth of two metres for half an hour, so let’s put it in the dunk tank. As you can see (in the video at least!), the phone remains safe and sound even when completely immersed.

As you still have access to the camera on the phone, you can do some underwater photography – the camera lens and flash remain fully functional when immersed. Using the touchscreen underwater can be difficult, so you can make it a bit easier by setting the volume keys to be used as the shutter in the camera app.

Another cool thing you can do is listen to some music in the pool, with your phone underwater. In water and out, the sound quality is still reasonable.

As it states in the case’s rather nicely put together manual, you should test the case before you actually try dunking your phone in water. This is pretty simple to do – just put the case together, seal all the ports, then place it in water for at least five minutes. Then, check for water inside the case by looking through the front window. If no water is inside, it should be safe for your phone too.

So there we have it – a tough Galaxy S4 case that’s very comfortable in water. But waterproofing isn’t the only thing that this case has in store – it’s also just a great day-to-day case that looks good, isn’t too bulky and of course has that great drop protection. As well as these big points, the Obex has a lot of small advantages as well.

Ports and Buttons

One thing about the Obex case that I really like is that accessing ports and buttons is really easy. The buttons feel as easy to press inside the case as they do out. Often times, cases like this will have buttons that are on a hair trigger and press too easily, or buttons that you really have to press hard to get to work. On the Obex, they’ve got the balance just right.

Accessing the micro USB and headphone jack is also straight-forward, you just flip the top or bottom cover back. The Obex even comes with a headphone extension cable, so that you can still plug in bulky or right angle jacks. Of course, opening the case means losing that water protection.

Seidio have also gotten the cutouts right on the Obex. Where many companies would have just cut a big wedge or left some elements covered, they’ve got a bunch of precisely cut holes in all the right places. For example, even the IR blaster at the top of the phone can be used with the case on.


So this is the Obex waterproof case for the Samsung Galaxy S4, coming soon to Mobile Fun. Thanks for reading and/or watching, and be sure to leave your questions and feedback in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Seidio Obex waterproof, drop proof Galaxy S4 case

  1. If I get this right, the case lacks a loop for attaching a lanyard. Too bad! Otherwise it would have been the perfect case for paddling or other water sports.

  2. Before putting the phone in the case and immersing it, I did put a piece of paper inside the case, immersed it for five minutes and then took it out. This is what you’re asked to do by the packaging :)

  3. Good review. When you do the water test for 5 minutes, it’s probably a good idea to insert a piece of tissue inside the case. Then you can all also check if the tissue is bone dry after the water test.

  4. Great review! One of the most comprehensive ones I’ve seen of it yet. One thing to note, though: The headphone extension it comes with is waterproof & allows you to listen to music as you swim/play around, provided you have waterproof earbuds as well.

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