Qi Wireless Charging for Galaxy S4 and Nexus 4


Today we’re happy to unveil a wireless charging solution for two of the biggest Android phones on the market: the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Google Nexus 4.

The Qi Wireless Charging Stand

The star of the show is our Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Stand. It’s a simple, no-nonsense wireless charger that’s available at the same price as our wired charging stands. That’s rare for wireless chargers, which are typically much more expensive than the wired alternative.

Despite the Qi Wireless Charging Pad’s low price, it’s pretty functional. As well as charging your phone at a good rate, it’ll also serve as a useful desk stand. Simply flip up the stand to prop up your phone, then close it when you’re packing it away. The stand supports both landscape or portrait orientations, so you can read an incoming email as easily as you can watch a movie.

For more information on the Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Stand, including the latest pricing and availability information, check out the product page below:

Nexus 4

If you’ve got the Nexus 4, then you can use the Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Stand right out of the box – the Nexus 4 has wireless charging technology built in.

Galaxy S4

If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S4, there’s a bit of setup involved. You’ll need to pick up our Qi Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Cover, which replaces the original battery cover.

We shot a video to walk you through the process, so check it out:

The Qi Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Cover is coming soon to Mobile Fun in both white and black, and has gone on pre-order now. For the latest pricing and availability information, be sure to check out the product pages linked below:


So that’s it – You’ll have the perfect wireless charging solution for the Nexus 4 or Samsung Galaxy S4 with our Qi wireless charging products.

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