Use 30 pin Apple gadgets with the lightning enabled iPhone or iPad


Have you recently upgraded to the new iPad or the iPhone 5? I know I have and I spent days scratching my head, wondering why Apple had to make my life harder by introducing the new Lightning connector. I have a very nice speaker (if I may say so myself) that I used with my 3GS and 4S and that I still use with my iPod. I love it because it has a dock which charges all of these devices and syncs them to the speaker.

More so, it even has a built in battery so I can carry it around and use it outdoors. My point is: it seems that things would have been much easier if the iPhone 5 had the same connector as previous models but I understand that this change had to come eventually. The 30 pin is much bulkier than the, now so common, micro USB connector and has become technologically outdated. Luckily, Apple has come up with an elegant solution: the 30 pin to lightning adapter.

This can be used with almost all accessories designed for the older, 30 pin, Apple devices. It can be used to sync and charge your phone or tablet or to output music, but sadly doesn’t support video output.

If you have invested in many accessories for your old iPhone or iPad then this little adapter will come in quite handy, however, if you’d prefer to get some brand new iPhone accessories then please have a look on our website.

It’s so small and discreet that you should always carry one around. You might need to use a friend’s charger while on a trip or use your old charging dock at work, so make sure you have this little adapter close by.