New images for Samsung Galaxy S4 View Cover

We’re happy to announce that we’ve got some exclusive new images of the Samsung Galaxy S4 View Cover.

The View Cover is a unique Samsung-made case for the Galaxy S4 that sports a useful cutout in the front cover, allowing all manner of useful information to be shown even when the cover is closed. For example, you’ll be able to see the current time and date, currently playing songs, as well as notifications like emails, text messages and incoming calls.

The case is slim too, as it replaces the original rear cover of the Galaxy S4. This means that you’re saving quite a few millimetres compared to cases that go on top of the existing rear cover. The flip cover itself is thin too, ensuring that you get excellent screen protection without sacrificing the phone’s svelte build.

We’ve got images of these genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories in both White and Black – although the Black option looks a little closer to bluish gray to my eye!

For a closer look at each of these images, check out the product pages below:

Take a look at the images above, then let us know what you think in the comments below!