First pictures of Cygnett Galaxy S4 Workmate cases

Do you want a cool and protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S4? Well, we’ve got just the thing – a new line of WorkMate cases from Cygnett available in four colours.

The WorkMate protects your phone with multiple layers of silicone combined with an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell. That means whether you’re worried about scratches, knocks or genuinely hard falls, your Galaxy S4 will remain protected inside the WorkMate case. The case includes a lip around the screen to ensure that even when the phone lands on its front, the screen won’t take damage.

Despite its protective advantage, the WorkMate doesn’t add much bulk to the Galaxy S4. You’ll still find it easy to pocket the Galaxy S4 or keep it in your purse, although with the rad colour schemes available you might not want to keep it hidden away.

The black and grey colours schemes look professional and contemporary, but the bright blue and orange colours really appeal to me. The bright blue colourway is reminiscent of Tron, while the orange option is even more eye-catching. No matter which colour you choose, you’re sure to be satisfied with this high-protection case for the Galaxy S4.

For more information and photographs of these Samsung Galaxy S4 cases, check out the links below!

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  • No worries Nick – cool cases and looking forward to picking one up when the S4 is released :)

  • Hey William, thanks for posting the review of the new products. I passed on your feedback to our product development team. I think you Tron reference is exactly right. – Nick