To infinity and beyond! Angry Birds Space cases arrive

Time to add massive amounts of character to your iPhone or Galaxy SIII, thanks to the arrival of the Angry Birds Space cases!

We all know that Angry Birds is one hell of a popular game, with the latest edition Angry Birds Space reaching over 50 million downloads in 35 days. There’s even talks of a role reversal game, whereby you get to play as the Pigs and have to protect the stolen eggs from the Angry Birds – pretty cool. Therefore we’re really pleased to have received stock of the Angry Birds Space phone cases.

There’s three different ones to choose from:

Each case offers hard wearing protection to your handset, protecting it from the daily bumps, drops and scrapes that smartphones have to endure. They also use a special coating to ensure that the handset doesn’t get damaged from the case itself and so that the Angry Birds design on the case looks newer for longer.

The Laser Bird case is the perfect Samsung Galaxy SIII cover for showing your allegiance to the birds, whereas the Pig King case is one of the best iPhone 4 accessories for showing your love of the game’s baddies. The cases offer a great variation to usual block colour cases and are definite conversation starters.

So which side are you on?  The Angry Birds or the Pigs?