HTC One X Otterbox Commuter and Defender ship now

We’re happy to announce that some of our most requested HTC One X cases are in stock – the Otterbox Commuter and Otterbox Defender.

The Commuter is an HTC One X skin with a good mix of protection and size, allowing you to be confident that your HTC One X will resist damage without sacrificing too much of its slim design. The Commuter Series includes exposed silicone corners to dissipate shocks and a smooth outer layer that increases grip but still allows the case to slide into your pockets. The case includes silicone plugs wherever necessary to prevent moisture damage and the pack also includes a high quality screen protector.

The Defender is a more heavy duty case, with top level protective abilities. There are three layers of protection – a strong polycarbonate shell that forms the inner core and protections and drops and bumps, a silicone skin that absorbs shocks and a thermal-formed sheet which covers the screen to protect it from scratches. Like, the Commuter, the Defender also includes silicone plugs to prevent moisture damage.

The two Otterbox cases are well loved for their prestigious protective abilities and clever design, so if you’ve got an HTC One X without a case I’d definitely recommend one of these – the Commuter if you’re looking for a slim case and the Defender if you want to emphasise protection.

Thanks for reading, as always – be sure to leave your comments and questions below if you’ve got ’em.