Three Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories in stock now!

Three official Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories are now in stock at Mobile Fun. We’ve got replacement batteries, an HDTV adapter and the amazing C-Pen stylus all ready to roll.

Let’s have a look at each in more detail below. If you’d prefer to go straight to the products, check out the links below which’ll take you straight to the product pages:

C-Pen Stylus

If you’re a fan of drawing games like Draw Something or you’d like to take notes on your Galaxy S3, then the C-Pen was created just for you. The C-Pen has a much thinner point than other capacitive styli, which makes it dramatically easier to see where you’re drawing and achieve greater accuracy. It’s a special design that only works on the Galaxy S3 thanks to the S3’s unique screen, so definitely check this one out!

Standard Battery

Have a look at the flagship phones of 2012 – the iPhone 4S. The HTC One X. The Nokia Lumia 900. The Samsung Galaxy S3. Out of all of these top phones, only the Galaxy S3 includes a removable battery. Make use of that unique advantage with a spare battery to double your battery life – you can keep it with you for more power on the go, or keep it in your car or office as an emergency backup. It’s cheap, it’s genuine, and it’s one of the most useful accessories you can buy for the Galaxy S3.

HDTV Adapter

The Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t have an HDMI port – it has something better. It’s called an MHL port, and with this HDTV adapter it’ll allow you to connect to an HDMI display device – whether it’s an HDTV, monitor or projector – and charge your phone at the same time. It’s some jolly clever technology, so if you’re looking for an easy way to watch videos up to 1080p on a bigger screen than have a look at this official Samsung HDTV adapter.


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    When can we expect the official S3 car kit then?