Samsung Galaxy S III Official Flip Cover Review

In this review, we’re looking at one of the first genuine Samsung cases for the Galaxy S3:The Flip Cover in Chrome Blue.


We’ll start out by installing the Flip Cover. Unlike most covers and cases on the market, the Flip Cover actually replaces the back cover that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S3. You just pop off the back cover, and clip in the Flip Cover in its place. This looks and feels very nice – it’s a seamless, natural replacement that works well no matter the colour combination.

There are a couple of benefits to this approach. The first is that the phone retains its ultra svelte chassis – as you’re replacing material rather than adding to it, the phone isn’t noticeably thicker than with the default cover.

The back cover found on the Flip also seems to be better than the default – it seems to be more durable, and has noticeably less flex. This should mean that it will more easily resist damage to the rear of the phone, protecting the Samsung Galaxy S3 if dropped or scratched.

Unfortunately, the back cover isn’t significantly more grippy than the default rear cover, meaning the S3 is still a bit slick to the touch. This wasn’t an issue for me, but it is worth mentioning if you’re prone to losing your grasp on your phone – in this case a thicker and more grippy case might be a better choice, e.g. the Mesh Vent case.


So now we move onto the core of this particular accessory: the Flip Cover itself. This vertically mounted cover is very thin, providing excellent screen protection; again without much bulk at all. The synthetic materials used provide a bit of impact dampening, but the main benefit is protecting the screen from scratches.

When you’re using the phone, you can flip the cover onto the back of the phone. This gives you full access to the screen, without even the corner coverage that you’d get with a traditional bumper case.

You also have the option of keeping the flip cover over the screen while you’re on a call, as there are cutouts in place to allow you to use the microphone and speaker as normal. If you’re using the phone in a desk stand or car holder, then you can simply flip the cover to the rear (shown here) – all of the official accessories include more than enough space for the phone and the flip cover in this way.

There are also cutouts for the camera, LED and speaker on the rear and the headphone and micro USB sockets on the bottom of the Galaxy S III’s frame.


The Flip Cover for the Galaxy S III is a well designed case that should be at the top of your list. If you’re looking for a case that provides a seamless and natural look then the Flip Cover is a brilliant choice.

For more information on the Flip Cover, please visit the product page linked below or ask us a question via the comments section below, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Thanks for reading.

  • Nope, there are no magnets so you just hold it with the cover flipped to the back. The downside of having such a slim design I guess, although it has the bonus of not messing with your credit cards ;)

  • Sam

    Thanks. Is there anything that keeps the cover closed when not in use (such as magnets or the like?) or can it just flop open?

  • Yes, the screen section is quite thin (less than a millimetre, probably) and there’s more than enough room to flip it to the back. It should fit in all of the official car holders and desk stands.

  • Sam

    How does the phone look in a dock if it has the flip case on? Can you dock it with the screen still visible (e.g. in a car dock for navigation, or a desk dock as a clock)?