Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Galaxy Note coming soon


I love the Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s so unabashedly large. With a 5.3″ HD+ display, powerful Galaxy S II internals and a unique stylus, it’s found a lot of fans that realise when you’re not using your phone as a phone any more, getting the most screen for your buck is key. Of course, whenever you need to type something on your phone you’re still gonna have a software keyboard taking up most of the screen – bad in portrait mode, even worse in landscape. The best way to fix that is with a convenient Bluetooth keyboard, and we’ve got the perfect one.

This is the Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s a Bluetooth keyboard baked into the hull of a flip cover case, adding a bit of bulk but allowing you to really maximise use of that display. Whether you’re writing long emails, taking notes or just want to use every last bit of that 1280 x 800 display, the Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Case is ideal. The full QWERTY keyboard includes all manner of Android multimedia shortcut keys that were designed specifically for the Galaxy Note, too. The keyboard lasts for 100 hours on a charge, so you won’t even have to plug it in all that often. It charges over USB using the same micro USB cable as your Note, so it’s quite convenient.

The case itself is also useful for protecting the screen and chassis of your Galaxy Note – the screen is covered when the phone’s not in use so it won’t get scratched up in your pocket, bag or purse. The case even has an integrated stand, allowing you to use that epic display to watch videos on the go. You can choose horizontal or landscape orientation as you prefer, holding the screen in perfect position to write, watch or just view incoming notifications at your desk.

For more information on this brilliant case, visit the product page linked below. Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave any questions or comments about Samsung Galaxy Note accessories in Disqus below. Have a good one!