Frends Headphones

Today we’ll be looking at some classy wired headsets from Frends.

The three pairs shown above are from the LightWire series, and come in Black / Cyan, White and Black / Gold respectively. Each of these lightweight and durable headphones are designed for sound and simplicity, with a gloss plastic and aluminium construction that looks great. The 40mm speakers use neodymium magnets to pump sound through the comfortable oversized circumaural cups.

The headsets contain a multi-function button and integrated microphone, allowing for easy handsfree calling. The button can also be used to play or pause your tunes. These headphones are compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones and work as just speakers on MP3 players, all via the ubiquitous 3.5 mm stereo jack. This is attached via a tangle-free, durable TPE cord which is designed to minimise the time you spend untangling your headphones when you get them out of your pocket.

These are the next class of Frends headphones – The Light Headphones. This premium line updates the look with more contemporary styling, and also makes the headset lighter and more durable. The Light also includes a multi-function control on the right ear cup which can be used to play / pause, skip forward or skip backward. Finally, the Light can be equipped with a huge amount of custom ear cups that’ll allow you to customise the look of your cans.

For more information on these headphones, check out the product page links below. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to direct them to us via the comments section below or via the social media outlets as normal.