Nokia Lumia 900 Sim Free in stock!

Nokia Lumia 900 Sim Free

We’ve just got stock in of the Nokia Lumia 900 unlocked – a Windows 7.5 phone, with a 1.4GHz processor and 4.3″ AMOLED display.

The Lumia 900 continues the popular series and offers users both a great user-friendly interface and speedy processor so users get the best of both worlds.  The 1.4GHz processor is more than capable of performing daily tasks like emailing and downloading apps with ease.  This combined with Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) provides all the features users expect in the most user friendly manner.

The 8MP camera on the Lumia 900 takes images in amazingly high quality thanks to the Carl Zeiss lens.  This means you never have to miss a moment and memories can last forever.  The front facing camera is 1.3MP so that video calls can be held in quality too.

With a 4.3″ AMOLED ClearBack display, images and visuals are shown in vivid detail, making it great for streaming media.  The display features a special screen finish too so that screen reflections are reduced, making the Lumia 900 great for use outdoors.

Like any other handset, the Lumia 900 needs protecting, so here’s two of my favourite Nokia Lumia 900 accessories to keep the handset fully protected and looking newer for longer.


Nokia CC-1037 Soft Cover

Like many other girls I like pink – it’s bright, bold, adds character and to me just adds that femininity that most phones and cases seem to lack. If you’re not a pink fan though don’t panic, this case is available in black and cyan too!

This Official Nokia Lumia 900 cover protects the Lumia 900 from daily damage through dust, dirt, scrapes and scratches, keeping it looking newer for longer.  It protects the back and sides of the handset and due to its form-fitting design adds minimal bulk.

Manufactured from a tough, durable silicone material, this case has a reverse embossed pattern and soft touch feel which adds grip to the Lumia 900, so prevents those butterfingers moments.

As expected the case has all the cut-outs for the ports and features such as the headphone jack, camera and charging port; therefore the handset remains fully functioning at all times.

The Official Nokia case is stylish yet functional.

Nokia CC-1037 Soft Cover

Lumia 900 Otterbox













Otterbox Defender for Nokia Lumia 900

On the other end of the case scale is the Otterbox Defender for Lumia 900 – this case is a beast of a case offering the maximum protection possible.

The Defender case has three layers: a silicone cover which also protects the corners, a polycarbonate shell which caresses the handset and a thin, thermal-formed screen protector so 100% of the handset is protected.  This keeps the handset protected from bumps, drops, scrapes and scratches at all times, especially the weaker corners of the handset.

The perfect Nokia Lumia 900 case for those who work outdoors or those with butterfingers, the Otterbox is fully shock proof and even doubles up as a stand for the Lumia 900, so is perfect for typing, swiping and streaming media.

A case with protection at heart, Otterbox is a hugely popular brand.


So will you be buying a Lumia 900?  Let us know through the usual channels.