Need six Samsung Galaxy SIII accessories? We’ve got a pack for that!

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is a handset with a variety of names: some call it the Samsung Galaxy S3, others call it the Samsung Galaxy SIII with three Is, it’s also known as the SGS3 and finally the i9300 – that’s a lot of names for one handset.

So for the multi-named handset we’ve sourced one of our Ultimate Packs, which is stuffed to the brim with accessories.

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Accessory Pack contains six must have items for the S3: a Flexishield cover, screen protector, in-car charger, car holder, portable stand and metal desk stand. Let’s look at the accessories in a little more detail:

S3 Ultimate Pack

The Flexishield skin is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S3 cases for both protection and style.  The case is sleek and stylish and doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the S3, making it perfect for both business and social use.  What’s great about this case though is that it has all the cut-outs needed so that the ports and features of the S3 can be accessed at all times; therefore you don’t need to keep removed and re-applying the case.

Another accessory in the pack is a Samsung Galaxy S3 screen protector.  This can be used in conjunction with the Flexishield cover to offer complete protection to the S3 and the display from damage caused by dust and dirt.

For those who use cars, the Ultimate Pack has two great in-car accessories, a car holder and an in-car Samsung Galaxy S3 charger.  The holder allows the S3 to be docked at the most comfortable and safest angle whilst on the road and the charger keeps the S3 fully juiced on long journeys. A great combination for those on the go.

The final two accessories in the Ultimate Pack are two different types of stands: a portable stand and a metal desk stand.  The portable stand is great for use on the go as it can simply be popped in your bag or pocket then used when needed; whereas the metal desk stand is great for use at home or in the office as it docks your S3 at the best angle for typing, swiping and streaming media.  You can either use it with a Samsung Galaxy S3 cover, making it the perfect stand.

These are the accessories that we think deserve to be in the Ultimate Pack but what accessories would be in yours? Let us know through the usual channels.

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