Lifeproof Cases for iPhone

The LifeProof iPhone case was perhaps best described by an American friend of mine as “the Abrams Tank of iPhone cases.” Perhaps a more fitting description for an English audience would be the Challenger II (which is advertised as the world’s most reliable battle tank) – this is the case that you get if you want your iPhone to survive and outlast everything you throw at it.

While this means the case is a little bulkier than its compatriots, there’s not too much in it – while it’s a few centimetres longer than an uncased iPhone, it’s only about 1.3 mm thicker. It’s also relatively light for the amount of protection it provides, weighing only 28 grams. This seems like a good deal, because the extra armour gives the iPhone some pretty crazy abilities – you can drop it onto a concrete floor from six feet up, you can immerse it in the sea up to six feet and you can generally be assured than any accidental damage will be protected against.

The polycarbonate chassis is softer than you’d expect, and as such is less likely be brittle and crack. The rear polypropylene cover also gains a bit of flex and stability, and even the rear speaker is protected by a Gore-Tex filter. The buttons are covered too, meaning that you gain a lot of protection against sand, dust and dirt as well as the water mentioned earlier. Finally, the screen is covered by a solid little piece of double AR-coated optical glass, which is basically a screen protector on steroids.

It’s pretty easy to see how the LifeProof iPhone case got that military IP-68 rating – this is definitely a slickly industrial design that’ll stand up in the harshest environments.

The LifeProof case is available in two colours – white and black – and we have additional bike and armband mounts coming soon. Have a look at the product pages below for more information!

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    When are they making it for other phones anything Xperia S,P,U and Samsung galleries