I’m in possession of a Samsung Galaxy S3 – ask me anything!

We’ve managed to get our hands on a Samsung Galaxy S3 before the ship date, so we thought we’d use the opportunity to try to answer any questions you have about the phone. In the spirit of an Ask Me Anything, we’ll be answering as many questions as possible for as long as we can.

EDIT: We’ve ended for today, but please continue to submit your questions so we can answer them from 9 AM tomorrow!

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Answered Questions

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30 thoughts on “I’m in possession of a Samsung Galaxy S3 – ask me anything!

  1. Yes, the calendar app (or Google Calendar, available on the Play Store), both should have the ability to create recurring events. You can set it to recur yearly, and you’ll have a constant reminder of birthdays and anniversaries.

  2. Is there a facility for storing birthdays, anniversaries, etc. permanently as opposed to just putting them in as one off reminders? My old Samsung phone gave me the option of saving dates as a one off or having reminders yearly.
    Thank you.

  3. phone icon on the screen has a little number 1 on it, how do I get rid of it and why is it there, obviously I did something somewhere, because it wasn’t always there? Samsung galaxy s3

  4. Is it something that i am doing that causes my vibration to stop working. It happened suddenly, i did a master reset as advised and it made no difference. 2weeks later it started vibrating again and now has stopped doing so again. Am i pushing something i shouldn’t? Is it just faulty?

  5. Every time I open up my Samsung S III, it wants me to confirm my password and it has a blue S symbol in the top left hand corner.

  6. No, SIM cards don’t have enough space to hold texts or photos. You might get your contacts, but that’s about it. Your texts should be stored on the phone’s internal memory and the photos would be either on the internal memory or on a micro SD card. Connect your old phone to a PC and have a look on there to see what you can see!

  7. Just press the Share button which looks like a ‘less than’ symbol. On the Galaxy Nexus (the phone I have access to at the moment) it looks like this:

  8. I think the Galaxy S III just replaces Google’s speech-to-text with S Voice, so I don’t think there’s an installed alternative I’m afraid. Perhaps try a different keyboard (e.g. Swiftkey?) which might integrate with the default software?

  9. and when you use the same sim card from a galaxy mesmerize to the galaxy s3, wouldn’t all the texts and previous photos be on that card and come with it somehow???

  10. also how do you share a photo that has been sent to you on the phone. there has to be an easier way that to use all share- can’t figure that one out either……….

  11. Is there not an easier way to do text to speak without using S Voice which doesn’t work very well for texting?

  12. On my samsung apps icon it says i have one update available but when i look at all my installed apps there is no update. Please help.

  13. How do I set the lighting so that it wont dim down when i go on the inter et from my s3??? Same question but with when i am watcing movies… thx.

  14. Does bluetooth voice commands work out of the box? One of my biggest complaints from my S2 is that I had to install vlingo to get this to work and I much prefer google’s voice commands.

  15. I love my S2, so not sure whether I should upgrade to S3? What’s the best feature that will prize me away?

  16. It does look great, but it’s specially designed for the S3 screen, with a much thinner nib for greater accuracy. I’ve tried it on Draw Something and it seems a lot better than the other styli I’ve used :)

  17. Does the C-Pen accessory have special functions like the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note? If not, is is pricey because of the way it looks?

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