Five of the best Samsung Galaxy SIII cases

With around 20 days until the release of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, we’ve been working really hard to ensure we’ve got the best range of Galaxy SIII accessories and cases. So in honour of this here’s my five favourite Samsung Galaxy SIII cases we’ll be selling:

Proporta Pencil Hard Case

Proporta Pencil Design Hard Case

It’s fair to say that Draw Something is still a really popular app and is one of the fastest growing apps of all time.  We’re still playing it here at Mobile Fun too.  So now, with the Proporta Pencil Hard Case it’s easy to channel your love of Draw Something as the case is covered in pencils!

Not only eye-catching and adding character to the handset, this is also a highly protective case.  Manufactured from a single piece of material and thermoformed from tough resilient polycarbonate, this really is one of the toughest Samsung Galaxy SIII covers around.

Impact resistant and protecting from bumps, drops, scrapes and scratches, this cover ensures that the back, sides and corners are fully protected.  However it still has access to all the ports and features of the handset, so it remains fully functioning at all times.

A really bright and bold design, this case is one for art lovers and draw something fans alike, helping you to stand out from the crowd.


Belkin Grip Weave Case

Belkin Grip Weave Case

This case is one for those who, like me, have the butterfingers and drop their phone quite a lot. The Belkin case uses a special design to add grip to the device, meaning your risk of dropping it is seriously reduced.

Using a special laser etched, herringbone design this really is both a stylish and useful case, which is perfect for both business and social.  The case stands out from the crowd, due to the herringbone design and protects the handset without adding a large amount of bulk: it enhances the style of the handset rather than deterring from it.

The Belkin case helps to protect the SIII from daily bumps, drops, scrapes and scratches whilst on the go.  This keeps the SIII looking sparkly and newer for longer.

Specifically designed for the Galaxy SIII, this case includes all the cut-outs for the ports and features needed to keep the SIII fully functioning.  This includes cut-outs for the camera and Samsung Galaxy SIII charger port, meaning you don’t need to constantly remove the handset from the case.


Genuine Samsung Flip Cover

Genuine Samsung Flip Cover

This Genuine Samsung Flip Cover is one of the many Official Samsung Galaxy SIII cases that are being released.

It replaces the back cover of the SIII for hard wearing daily protection from bumps, drops, scratches and scrapes, whilst also offering protection to the front of the SIII with the flip cover.

The back of the cover doesn’t add any bulk to the handset, instead keeping it looking sleek and slim and in turn the handset looking newer for longer.

Having a synthetic flip cover over the screen ensures that the display of the SIII remains free from scratches and damage caused by dust and dirt whilst the handset isn’t in use.

As an official product this case offers the perfect fit for the SIII and like the previous two cases has all the cut-outs needed to keep the handset fully functioning at all times, including the charging port and camera.

This case is sleek, stylish and perfect solution for both business and social use.

SD Smart Stand Case

SD Smart Stand Case

The SD Smart Stand Case is another multi-functional case as it’s both protective and has a built-in kick stand.  This makes it the best case for use when streaming media, typing and swiping, as it’s docked at the perfect angle.

Touch, stylish and made with the SIII in mind, this is one of the best Samsung Galaxy SIII accessories available; thanks to it’s style and multi-functionality.

Manufactured from a highly durable material, the Smart Stand case protects from daily bumps and knocks whilst still looking highly stylish and hardly adding any bulk to the SIII.

The built-in kick stand is a great addition to the case, as it can be easily folded out when its needed and folded away when it’s not.  Therefore the stand is easily accessible whenever it’s needed, especially whilst on public transport or at work.

Again all the ports and features are completely accessible when using this case, meaning the handset remains fully functioning at all times.  A great case at an ever better price.


Specsy Case

Proporta Specsy Case

The final case in my favourite five is great for a joke and a chuckle with friends.  Based on the LMFAO song ‘Sexy and I know it’, this Proporta case sports the phrase, ‘I’m specsy and I know it’ – great pun.

Not just a joke though, this Samsung Galaxy SIII skin is highly protective, made from a polycarbonate shell to offer an impact resistant and glossy polyurethane finish.

This finish means that the specsy phrase won’t get damaged as well as the handset itself.  Instead it remains looking newer for longer and the phrase never loses its shine.

Protecting the back, corners and sides from day to day damage through bumps and scratches, this skin does so without adding any bulk.

As expected it allows full access to all the ports and features of the SIII, so that it remains fully functioning at all times.

A great protective case with a sense of humour.


Now you’ve seen my favourite five Galaxy SIII cases, which five would make yours?  Let us know through the usual channels and if you haven’t done so already don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win a HTC One X !

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