The OneCable…. the only cable you’ll ever need

The OneCable Sync and Charge Cable is the answer to all our cable woes.  Personally I’m fed up of having different cables for each gadget and constantly having to switch cables.  In my car alone I have a cable for my iPhone, cable for my Kindle and cable for my boyfriend’s phone – now I can get rid of all those cables and replace them with one – the OneCable.


What the OneCable offers is the ability to charge a number of different gadgets as the cable has three different connectors: Apple, MicroUSB and MiniUSB.  This means that now you don’t have to carry a number of wires, simply choose the connector you need and start charging… simples!

I’ve been using the OneCable for a few days now to get a feel of how useful it is ‘in the real world’.  I’ve mainly been using it as my iPhone 4s car charger and switching the connector to charge my boyfriend’s phone too.  However where the one cable really shone is when we visited the Safari Park – the cable allowed us to charge up the camera whilst using it to take photos, so the camera never ran out of battery.  Plus the long retractable wire meant we had the length to take shots out of both the driver side and passenger windows, with the charger still being connected.

Using the OneCable has banished the need to faff around trying to find a cable, I carry it in my bag (along with the kitchen sink) and it’s there whenever I or my boyfriend, or my mum, or whoever needs to charge their phone.

One really useful thing I’ve found is that the OneCable fits into the bottom of my FM Transmitter so I still get to play music from my iPhone and charge it at the same time.  Even better, the length of the cable reaches my mobile holder, so I can dock my phone and charge it too.

An area where the OneCable can really show off is when going on holiday; instead of packing a number of chargers and socket converters, all you need is one socket converter, one plug and the OneCable – all phones are counted for and most of your gadgets too.  This means you save crucial suitcase space and don’t have to worry about forgetting one of your many wires when returning home.

Having used it I’m a big fan of the OneCable and have found it to be rather useful but what do you think on it?  Let us know through the usual channels!