Mobile Fun launches official Sony Xperia S cases

If you’re planning on picking up a sim-free Sony Xperia S when it comes out on Monday next week, then you’ll be glad to hear that Mobile Fun will be stocking a large range of Sony Xperia S cases and other Sony Xperia S accessories. We’ve even got some official Sony Xperia S covers directly from Sony themselves, which are perfectly suited for your new handset. Let’s have a look.

Sony Xperia S Hard Shell  (Black, Electric Blue, Gloss White)

Our first Sony Xperia S case is this Hard Shell, available in Black, Electric Blue or a glossy White. The shell provides back-and-sides protection, shielding it from everyday knocks and drops whilst also adding a soft, easy to grip finish. The shell is an ideal choice if you want to add the absolute minimum amount of bulk to your case; the hard polycarbonate shell adds only millimetres to the phone’s thickness and doesn’t obscure the front at all. Of course, as this product was made by Sony themselves it fits the new Xperia S handset perfectly.

Sony Xperia S SMA6118B Hard Shell - Black

Sony Xperia S Leather Flip Case (Black)

If you’re looking for more inclusive protection for your phone, then the Leather Flip Case is a great choice. Manufacturered from genuine, top quality leather, it provides protection of the handset’s all-important screen without adding much bulk to the sides. The leather case uses a flip form factor, meaning that when the phone is in use the screen is completely free to access, but when it’s in your pocket the screen will be protected by the soft suede lining. As with the previous case, the Sony-produced flip case allows easy access to all functions and features, fitting perfectly. It’s a fitting product for the good looking and high performing Xperia S.

Sony Xperia S SMA5118B Leather Flip Case - Black

Sony Xperia S Pouch Case (Black)

Our final Sony Xperia S cover is the Sony Xperia S Pouch Case, which offers the most protection of the three thanks to its completely enclosed form factor. The Pouch Case will allow your phone to be 100% covered when it’s not in use, and 100% free when it is. Even with the pouch on, the Xperia S is still easy to fit into a pocket. There’s a convenient cutout on the case that allows you to remove the handset easily, and there’s also one that allows you to see the phone’s notification light. All in all, it’s a swell case that offers impressive style and protection.

Sony Xperia S SMA3118B Pouch Case - Black

So which Sony Xperia S accessory do you reckon is best? Let us know in the comments below.