Lifeproof iPhone 4 case tested in new videos

We’re big fans of the Lifeproof iPhone 4 case here at Mobile Fun, so we were excited when one of our readers directed us to some Lifeproof iPhone 4 videos that we hadn’t seen before.

They cover the full range of the Lifeproof’s protective abilities: An amazing one of the iPhone 4 being used whilst snorkeling, a cool (haha…) video of the case’s snow resistance and one of rather more mundane (but likely) happenings including accidental drops, falls and immersions. That lines up well with what we said about the Lifeproof case last time:

“These iPhone cases come in Black and White versions, offering an insane amount of protection from pretty much everything that threatens your mobile. It’s got IP-68 certification for protection against water and dust, and also provides a high degree of shock and impact protection and has been tested to military specifications – both US and UK.”

Each is fairly well done, so if you’ve got a few minutes have a look — it’s definitely good proof that this case lives up to its name!

What do you think of the case and the videos? Let me know via the comments!