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BookBook Case for iPhone 4

Still a rare item around town, the BookBook iPhone 4 case can be found in the hands of most scarf and glasses wearing hipsters. Artists in all forms, be they painters, photography buffs or advertising campaign brainstormers prefer this Book Book all-in-one vintage leather case and wallet over any other iPhone holder.

Not being a hipster myself, I still find the BookBook practical and visually attractive really. And if you, like me, know the phrase “wallet, keys, phone” all too well (coupled with a series of gestures and patting of pockets) then you’ll see how useful this is for someone that tends to forget things at home. I’m glad that I can keep my phone and wallet in the same place, as they are the most important things (and sadly, most commonly used) when out in town.

The BookBook for iPhone 4 really is designed for the iPhone 4/4S. By that I mean that it has special cutouts for the wide array of ports and features. It also has a pretty sturdy build, which means it can protect your credit cards and driving licence from bending.

All in all, this little case is full of character. The originality of its old book look really appeals to those in search of something different and its phone case/wallet combination adds real-life practicality. It’s good looking and practical, what more could you want from a phone case? Sure, I agree it would be great if the wallet came with a £50,000 limit credit card but other than that, it’s awesome.

I clearly love it, but what do you think? Too artsy? Great? Let us know.

  • lebig9114

    Looks pretty handy to me! but Usually I have trouble fitting a wallet in my pocket, how would I be able to fit a wallet WITH a phone inside my pocket?

  • Stefan

    Just awesome.