Battery Boosting Bonanza…..

For smartphone owners the issues with battery life seem to be never ending.  No matter how hard you try to conserve battery life on your handset you just never seem to win… instead you watch your battery life drain away as you pray you’ll make it home with some battery left.

Fear not, there’s a few brands on our site which aim to help solve all your battery woes: two in particular are Mugen and Mophie.

Mugen Samsung Galaxy Note Extended Battery


Mugen are an extremely popular brand for their extended batteries for two main reasons: one, they offer a one year guarantee on all their batteries and secondly the batteries are the same size as the handset stock batteries so replacement covers aren’t needed.

We sell a range of Mugen batteries for Android phones and Blackberrys but one of the latest we have arriving soon is for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy Note Mugen Extended Battery adds a further 150mAh to the standard Galaxy Note battery, giving you a total battery of 2650mAh.  This means you have that little bit longer to use your apps, message friends and surf the interwebs before the dreaded mobile phone charger search game.

Being built to last, the Mugen Extended batteries use high quality lithium-ion cells, meaning that you don’t have to wait for the battery to drain before recharging it.  You can just charge away whenever you feel like it without running the risk of damaging the overall battery power.


Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4S / 4

The second battery boosting giants specialise in Apple products mainly and as the battery can’t be removed from Apple products, the only way to extend the battery is from the outside and Mophie have just the products for it.

The Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone is a clever case and battery combo, which not only increases the battery life of your iPhone but also helps to protect it from day to day bumps and scratches.

Amazingly it practically doubles the life of your iPhone so you can keep talking and texting for a lot longer, as the battery pack offers 2000mAh of battery life.  However unlike using a Mugen battery, this pack adds an amount of bulk to your handset, which is a small amount to pay for the extra battery you’re getting in return.

The Pack Plus uses four LED lights to keep you informed of its battery life and how long it needs to charge up for, so you’ll never get caught off guard with a small amount of battery.

Using this pack does change the mobile charger you need, switching from a standard Apple charger to an included USB cable, so the Juice Pack isn’t compatible with Apple dock accessories.


So if you’re an Apple owner battery packs like the Mophie Juice are the best way to extend your battery, but if you’re an Android or Blackberry owner try a Mugen Extended Battery to give you that extra bit of juice.

Have you got any battery life saving tips?  Let us know through the usual channels!