MHL Tech in Cars of the Future

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) Summit was held over the final days of September this year. The summit discussed how future generations of cars and smartphones might interact with one another. Current generation systems have trouble connecting in any meaningful way despite their great potential.  Navigation, traffic and weather all make sense in the car but the connectivity hasn’t advanced further than including a car holder in which to fit a smartphone or a blue tooth headset.

The CCC hope to take this to the next level by including features like streaming video and audio from your smartphone to your vehicle, and MHL was one of the primary candidates for making this happen. The connection protocol, which operates over any number of different physical connections, allows the transport of HD video, audio and power on the same line.

While your car today doesn’t have this kind of technology, you can still find MHL technology is use. At the moment, the most useful implementation is for connecting your smartphone to your HDTV; if your phone supports MHL technology (e.g. Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation, HTC Evo 3D) then you’ll be able to pick up a handy MHL dock or MHL cable to connect to your TV via HDMI and charge simultaneously. Not bad.

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