SIM Free HTC EVO 3D release date and price

It’s official 3D is taking over the world.  No matter where you look nowadays or what you do 3D is somehow involved: 3D movies, 3D games and now even 3D phones.  The SIM Free HTC EVO 3D is the latest 3D handset to launch and we finally have the release date and price for it.

The phone will be available from the 31st August, costing £524.95, so you’ve got a couple of months to save your pennies up for the extraordinary handset.


What makes the HTC EVO 3D unlocked stand out from other 3D products is that it doesn’t simply use 3D for a gimmick; it integrates it into every feature of the phone, from images and videos, to games and the display.

The 3D technology used in the HTC EVO 3D doesn’t rely on 3D glasses; it allows you to capture videos and images in glorious 3D and HD, making every moment a memory which you can relive to its full quality.  You can even share these moments with your friends and family by streaming images and video from your phone to your TV using DLNA.

The unlocked HTC EVO 3D has an impressive 4.3” qHD touchscreen display, which makes showing off your media a pleasure and helps to highlight the quality of sparkle of the features on the handset.


Pre-loaded with HTC Sense, the most user friendly software around and a 1.2GHz dual core processor; the HTC EVO 3D really sets out to impress.  Add that to features like a 5MP camera, the latest version of Android and the ability to swap between 2D and 3D image capture at the touch of a button and you know HTC have put their heart into this handset.

To help users get the most out of the EVO 3D it has an active lock screen, richer homescreen content so you can do more from the homescreen, web surfing speeds to rival any computer and HTC Watch, a new service which streams movies directly to your handset.  It’s also believed that soon the HTC EVO 3D will also have 3D gaming capabilities, taking mobile gaming to the next level.

Our HTC EVO 3D accessories are available now along with a number of HTC EVO 3D case styles.