POP into a new Samsung Galaxy S2 cover thanks to Case-Mate

There are an awful lot of Galaxy S ii accessories on the market which help to highlight the phone’s sophistication and style.  The latest offering from Case-Mate the POP, does just this and so much more.

The Case-Mate POP Samsung Galaxy S2 case is the newest addition to the Case-Mate family and the most forward thinking.  It’s made from a high gloss durable plastic, but has rubber sections to provide a better grip on your Galaxy S2, stopping those butterfingers moments.

Case-Mate POP Samsung Galaxy S2 Cover

Another great feature of this Samsung Galaxy S2 cover is that it has a soft, patterned interior material, which hot only absorbs shocks but keeps the back of your handset looking as good as new whilst it’s in the case.

What makes this Samsung Galaxy S ii cover stand apart from the others though, is its unique built in kickstand: a stand which can be ‘popped’ out of the back of the cover making media viewing and web surfing more comfortable.  Once you’ve finished, the stand is simply clicked back into place, flush against the side of the case.

Although a Galaxy S2 screen protector is advised for full protection, the side of the POP case does have a slightly raised bezel, which is designed to help protect your screen if you drop the handset face down.

As expected with all Samsung Galaxy S2 covers, the POP cover has cut-outs for all the ports and features to keep your handset fully functioning, whilst looking stylish and being fully protected.

The Case-Mate POP Cover comes in three different shades: black and grey, white and black and pink and grey, so there’s a POP case for everyone.