Zenus Galaxy S2 cases are out of this world!

It’s the phone that everyone’s talking about.  It’s more popular than the iPhone 4 and it’s accessories are flying off the shelves as quick as we’re getting them in stock.  What phone am I talking about?  The Galaxy S2 and I’ve got some great news as we’ve got these beauties from Zenus coming into stock soon.

Zenus Masstige Bar-Stand Series

The first Zenus Galaxy S2 cover on offer is the Masstige Bar-Stand Series.  Made from high grade genuine leather wrapped around a plastic mould frame, it offers serious protection against bumps and scratches.

Zenus Masstige Car-Stand Series Galaxy S2 Case

In addition, the case offers protection to the camera lens, as the back is raised, meaning the lens no longer touches the surface when the phone is laid flat.

A great feature of this Galaxy S2 Leather Case is that it comes with an integrated stand, which folds back flat against the case when it’s not in use.  It’s perfectly designed to position the handset at the best viewing angle for watching movies or surfing the net.

As the Masstige Bar-Stand case is made specifically for the Galaxy S2, it contains all the relevant cut-outs, so the device can remain fully functioning whilst it’s still in the case.


Zenus Skin Air Jacket Series

The second Zenus model comes in the form of the Skin Air Jacket Series, a Galaxy S2 skin, which is designed to not add bulk to the incredibly thin Galaxy S2 handset.

Zenus Skin Air Jacket Series Galaxy S2 Case

The skin is made from glossy plastic and finished on the back with a carbon-fibre effect, which offers premium protection to the sides and back of the handset, whilst increasing the grip on the back.

Again the skin contains all the required cut-outs for the camera, ports and buttons allowing the phone to fully function and the skin to not need to be removed.


Zenus E’Stime Color Point Series

Zenus’s third offering for the Galaxy S2 is the E’Stime Color Point Series, a luxury Galaxy S ii leather case, which injects a slash of colour, with it’s bright red exterior and orange interior.

Zenus E'Stime Color Print Series Galaxy S2 case

Whilst the case is made from genuine leather, the interior has a soft microfibre lining which helps to keep your handset screen looking as good as new, whilst protecting your phone from scratches and bumps.

This case doesn’t add much bulk to your Galaxy S2, but it includes all the cut-outs needed so you needn’t take your Galaxy S2 out of its case to use its functions.


Zenus Prestige Carbon Series

The final case comes in the form of the Prestige Carbon Series.  Made from a rugged carbon fibre effect material, the case provides excellent protection, whilst maintaining its stylish look.

Zenus Prestige Carbon Series Galaxy S2 Case

The case’s interior is made of a soft microfibre lining, giving extra protection to your phone’s screen, whilst keeping it looking clean.  The case also contains all the cut-outs needed to keep your phone functioning whilst it’s in the case; including the camera, ports and buttons.

For ultimate protection with all cases, a Galaxy S ii screen protector is suggested.