How to protect your Motorola Atrix

The Motorola Atrix has just joined the small-but-growing pile of smartphones boasting dual-core processors, making it one of the most powerful available in the world today.  Not only that, but it also has dual cameras for video chatting, HD video capabilities and James Bondesque fingerpint-recognition technology – this handset could come from the desk of Q himself!

Before you get all carried away and start flinging yourself around like an action hero, though, spare a thought for the wear-and-tear that the Atrix will be under as you shimmy up drainpipes, defuse bombs and get involved in high speed car chases.  There are plenty of Motorola Atrix accessories over on the main website that will help to keep your phone safe and protected (we can’t say the same for you, though!)

InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector for Motorola Atrix



Possibly the most essential essential when taking care of your brand new handset – a screen protector.  There’s just no point in buying a top-end smartphone with a whacking great screen if you’re going to let it get scratched or scraped straight away.  InvisibleSHIELD make fantastic protectors, originally designed for use in the military, and will protect your phone’s display from unwanted injury.  They’re even self-healing, so these Motorola Atrix screen protectors are not only invisible but invincible too.

Otterbox for Motorola Atrix

Otterbox for Motorola Atrix Defender Series



A prince among cases, the Otterbox Defender offers the ultimate in protection, boasting not one, not two, not even three, but four protective layers.  The first is a thin, thermal-formed sheet which covers the screen and keypad (so there’s no need to buy a Motorola Atrix screen protector as well).  Second is a super-strength polycarbonate shell that wraps closely around the handset, protecting it from knocks and drops.  Next is a hard shell, which features a handy belt clip on the back, and finally a silicone case on top absorbs shocks.  Despite having so many layers, this top-quality Motorola Atrix cover doesn’t add much bulk to the handset, so your phone will stay looking slim and sophisticated.

Flexishield for Motorola Atrix

Flexishield Skin for Motorola Atrix - Check


Flexishield offers a crystal case like protection with all the extra durability of silicone, giving you a cover that’s hard-wearing, long-lasting and good-looking.  They’re available for the Atrix in plain black or cool check (I prefer the check, which gives the phone an unusual harlequin look), and are made from a special rubberised gel that protects, absorbs shocks and gives you extra grippiness for those butter-fingers moments.

PDair leather case for Motorola Atrix

PDair Leather Flip Case for Motorola Atrix



For those that favour something a bit more executive and professional-looking, PDair do this swanky leather Motorola Atrix case which gives your handset that touch of class.  Hand-switched from top-quality real leather, the PDair Leather Flip Case is specially designed to fit the Atrix perfectly.  Something that always impresses me about PDair cases is their unique custom clip system, which lets you wear the case at any angle on your belt, or remove the clip completely if you don’t feel like a bit of holster action.