Protect your Nokia N8 with the OtterBox Commuter

The N8 is Nokia’s latest touch screen smart phone to take on the iPhone and no end of Android Smartphones. While it’s not really winning the battle, it’s still a great smartphone. It offers most, if not all of the features of most of its competitors but for a much lower price, as well as it’s own app store and a familiar menu system.

If you’ve got one, you’ll want to keep it looking at it’s best for as long as you can. A case is the obvious way to do that, but with so many N8 Cases available, choosing the right one can be a bit of a mission. I’ve been playing with some of our most popular N8 cases over the last few days to find the best one.

As expected, the OtterBox Commuter for the N8 came out on top. It’s a strong, multi-layered case that does a great job of keeping your N8 safe.

OtterBox For Nokia N8 Commuter Series

OtterBox Commuter - Nokia N8 - Front

The OtterBox Commuter consists of two parts; a tough, thin film to protect the screen and a tough polycarbonate shell. The corners of the case are made from silicone and help to absorb the energy when you drop it and divert it away from your phone.

OtterBox For Nokia N8 Commuter Series

OtterBox Commuter Nokia N8 - Rear

It’s not quite as tough as the OtterBox Defender range, but that’s not a bad thing. The Defender cases tend to be extremely bulky and can restrict access to parts of the phone. The commuter series don’t have this problem. They maintain a slim profile on your phone and all ports and connections are still accessible through silicone plugs.