Galaxy Tab Case and Stand

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first major tablet release since the Apple iPad launched about five months ago and with it’s impressive 7 inch display, the Galaxy Tab makes viewing video or movies a complete breeze. But with no built in stand to angle the handset to optimise your viewing experience, I’ve been looking around at some Galaxy Tab Accessories this week with particular emphasis placed on both looking after the handset and making film watching nice and easy – i.e. like on TV or at the cinema!

Ok, so I can protect the screen with a Galaxy Tab Screen Protector and coupled with a Galaxy Tab Cover this will make the Tab safe and sound, but as mentioned earlier, I want to watch films like on TV –  not having to hold the phone or prop it up against something. The Samsung Galaxy Tab d3o Leather Case/Stand is ideal for this. The case will allow for holding the Galaxy Tab in both horizontal and vertical positions dependent on your preference of screen ratio. The low angle position also allows it to be used as a comfortable typing stand.

Galaxy Tab Case

The case doubles as a stand to make viewing the Galaxy Tab a joy

The leather case and stand is made from the highest quality materials so you are guaranteed the best product for your Tab as it’s custom made by Samsung. When not set up for watching a film, the screen is protected by the inside lining of the case. The soft fabric helps protect the screen from dirt and scratches and is impregnated with d3o, a soft and flexible material with outstanding shock absorbing properties in case you should ever drop your Galaxy Tab.

I did find that the Tab gets extremely hot after watching videos or browsing the web for an hour, so with cut outs in the case allowing you to access the charging port, all the side buttons, camera and the touch screen, there are no worries with regard to overheating as these double up as cooling apertures. Whilst we’re on the subject of charging ports and performance, the battery life on the Tab does suffer somewhat after being used continuously. A spare Galaxy Tab Charger is a good recommendation here so that you get to see all of the film in one go.

Galaxy Tab Case

Galaxy Tab case with d3o gel technology

The Samsung Galaxy Tab d3o Leather Case/Stand is available on the main site and is also featured on our sister site under the Galaxy Tab Cases category.