Mobile Broadband Antenna range extended

A few months ago we launched a range of Mobile Broadband Antennas that connect to your Mobile Broadband Dongle to help increase signal strength and download speeds. Up until now there have only been two options available – a Clip Antenna and a High Gain Antenna. Well, we now have a third option – a Mobile Broadband Panel Antenna – a very high gain antenna that is perfect for areas of low reception.

To give you a better understanding of each of the antennas and to help you determine which type will suit you best here’s a quick summary of all their features.

USB Modem Clip Antenna

This an ultra portable aerial that clips onto the top of your laptop screen and connects to your dongle. It has an Omni Directional aerial and will pick up signals from all directions. The Clip Antenna will improve your 3G and GPRS signal by up to 2dBi.

Clip Antenna for USB Modems

Clip Antenna for USB Modems

There is a Clip Antenna for just about every USB modem or Datacard, with most current USB Modem using one of the following connections:

USB Modem High Gain Antenna

This is a much more powerful signal booster than the Clip Antenna and is ideal for people who have real problems with 3G reception. They are directional so you will need to point this towards your network’s transmitter in order for it to improve the signal. The High Gain antenna when positioned correctly will make a difference of up to 9dBi on a 3G network, but will not improve a GPRS Signal.

High Gain Antenna for USB Modems

High Gain Antenna for USB Modems

These antennas include a desk stand, but can also be mounted on an internal wall for a more permanent solution. You get 1.2 metres of cable included, but this can be extended using either a 3m extension cable or a 5m extension cable.

High Gain Antennas are the best option if you have low signal levels or live on the fringe of network coverage and don’t want to be able to mount the Antenna outside.

There is a High Gain Antenna available for most of the current USB Modems with the following connections:

Mobile Broadband Panel Antenna

Visually, the Panel Antenna looks the same as the High Gain Antenna, but there are a number of significant differences – the main one being that the Panel Antenna is weatherproof and is suitable for use outside. Concrete, Steel and thick brick walls can reduce your signal strength, so by fixing the antenna to an outside wall or mast, the antenna picks up a stronger signal than it would inside and carries it along a lossless cable through to your mobile broadband dongle.

Mobile Broadband Panel Antenna

Mobile Broadband Panel Antenna

The Mobile Broadband Panel Antenna is the best option for areas where there is good reception outside but little or variable signal inside buildings or if you are on the fringe of the network coverage. This antenna can improve signal strength by up to 11dBi on a 3G network and up to 9dBi on a GPRS network.

Mobile Broadband Panel Antennas are directional so they will need to point in the direction of your nearest network transmitter in order for them to function properly. They come with 5m of cable and a wall/mast mounting bracket.

Panel Antennas are available for most of the current USB Modems with the following connections:

To find out which type of connector your Mobile Broadband Dongle needs take a look at our Mobile Broadband Antenna Compatibility List.

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