Make your phone ring for longer before going to voicemail

Don’t you hate it when you get to the phone just as it goes to voicemail? Luckily, there’s a way to make that time longer, just by dialling a few special codes on your phone. Here’s how to make your phone ring for longer.

Just bring up your dialer app, type in one of the codes provided below, then press SEND or CALL. You won’t be charged for changing these settings.

All codes start with *61* and end with the number of seconds desired (in multiples of five), followed by the hash key. Most networks have 25 or 30 seconds as their maximum ring times. In the examples, we’ll be using 20 seconds as our desired ring time.

GSM standard codes

The first thing you should try is the GSM standard code, which should work on all phones and all networks.

**61*[your mailbox number]*11*20#

To find out your mailbox number, just dial *#61# and press SEND or CALL. Your mailbox number should be listed at the top.

UK mobile network codes

If you’d prefer a shorter code or the GSM standard doesn’t work, you can try these codes, which are specific to a certain UK network.












**61*[your mobile number]**20#



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  • Siobhan Markwell

    It worked for me. Thanks a lot.

  • Clare Jenkins

    Thank you the generic EE code worked for me. Hope no more missed calls x

  • Thanks for reporting back Jane! I’m sure this will help anyone else with the same problem. Glad you got it fixed, and sorry things didn’t out work out lengthening the ring time!

  • Jane Bennett

    Thanks for the advice, but I found a solution, which is just as well as even when I do manage to extend my ring time using your code it removes my voice mail. Do you know why? Anyway, if you are interested, to restore my voice mail and, unfortunately, return to t he original ring tone length, I foned 121 and selected option 4 (voicemail) then 4 again and finally 3 again (restore personal v mail ). I had tried to extend ring tone to 30 seconds, which as I say, I ca N do with your code but it’ll kill the voicemail.

  • Probably best to get in touch with Vodafone then.

  • Jane Bennett

    A Vodafone smart fone.

  • Call Vodafone and ask them to help you? What phone do you have?

  • Jane Bennett

    I messed up on the Vodafone code and now my fone no longer goes to voice mail at all, I did this by putting in my mobile number instead of the code 61414121000, don’t ask why, I just did. How can I reverse this please.

  • Anne

    Used the network code to lengthen ring time before voicemail and it worked. Thanks, it was irritating me for ages!

  • Danielle Stevenson

    GSM worked for me from Ireland on Samsung s6. But only for max 30 sec.

  • Nice, glad to hear it Robert!

  • Robert Schulz

    Thank you very much I have been looking everywhere for the right code. On my Nokia Lumia 520 it now rings 6 times before going to voice mail.

  • Robert Schulz


  • Sandie

    Great, thanks Wendy – mine also was on 2 seconds. Changed to 10 and hopefully no more missed calls. Shame the S4 doesn’t have a 25 or 30 second option

  • Mick

    How can I get my motorolla moto e to ring longer

  • Wendy Humphries

    This is for samsung s4 mini
    I tapped on green phone app, then brought up the menu by tapping bottom left hand corner of phone, then call settings, then call accessseries, automatic answering timer, this brings up 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, mine was on 2 seconds so I have tapped it onto 10 seconds t
    his automatically saves itself, now return to normal screen, hopefully this will now ring a little longer before going to voice mail. Good luck.

  • wilma

    can the lg306g be set to ring longer and how to set it

  • A angry customer

    Wtf I click on contact us and I end up here. What a bunch of hustlers o.0 how the fuk do I contact them now ?

  • dave ashe

    how do I make nokis lumia 520 ring longer, I don’t know voicebox No … can anyone help me ?

  • dave ashe

    I have a nokia lumia 520, and would like it to ring for a longer time, but can,t find voicebox number, can anybody help me … many thanks in advance

  • Denise Sparkman

    Can someone tell me how to extend the phone rings on my Samsung S4 please. Provider is Telstra in Australia.

  • Denise Sparkman

    I have a Samsung S4 and I want to extend the ring time. How do I do it in Australia with Telstra as the provider?

  • Me

    Excellent. Worked on my Orange S2. many thanks

  • jpvd

    worked perfect for me on 3 network in the uk…thanks alot!

  • jan

    thank you worked a treat on my samsung mini x

  • campbell

    how can i get my samsung s4 mini to ring longer.

  • campbell

    how can i get my samsung s4 mini to ring longer

  • Imagine_Dragon6

    No ‘menu’ function there. Samsung Galaxy X-cover.

  • telecom man

    if you are on asda mobile just key in **61*121**30# then press send/call/ok
    this works but you may need to go to settings on your phone and change
    your ringtone and ring volume back to what it was before you keyed in the
    above code.

  • Guest

    For T-mobile EE max delay is 25 seconds **61*0044002yourmobile_without_the_leading_zero**25#